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03/30/2012 05:51 AM

What Is Up Friday?? 3/30/2012

mimi84Posts: 9269
VIP Member

Good morning agors. I am on my way to my disability psych appointment.. ohhh man am I nervous! Pinch Luckily, it's not too far from my house so I've got that goin for me... What is everyone doing today? Going out? Staying in? I'll catch you guys later! Have a great morning. Smile

Word of the Day for Friday, March 30, 2012

fugitive FYOO-ji-tiv, adjective:

1. Fleeting, transitory, elusive.

2. Having taken flight, or run away.

3. Changing color as a result of exposure to light and chemical substances present in the atmosphere, in other pigments, or in the medium.

4. Dealing with subjects of passing interest, as writings; ephemeral.

5. Wandering, roving, or vagabond.

I started to write about Sean, and the writing, like a searchlight sweeping wildly, almost caught my fugitive feelings.

-- Edmund White, The Beautiful Room Is Empty

I fill my own glass now, and raise it, unspeaking: to her? to us? to the spirit of fugitive love? Whatever it is I mean, she nods as if to say she understands.

-- Vikram Seth, An Equal Music

First used by Shakespeare in Antony & Cleopatra, fugitive stems from the Latin word fugere meaning "to flee."


03/30/2012 05:55 AM
SillyOMePosts: 21588
VIP Member

I'm a fugitive from sanity!?

Good Morning!

Good luck Mimi.. just act crazy today.. cry.. fidget.. you know.. be yourself like the past few days and all will go well!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, sometimes the bad moments can work FOR us! Whistling

Kissing Kissing Love ya bunches!

I finally got through yesterday's thread. Those pics were too funny!

03/30/2012 05:59 AM
SillyOMePosts: 21588
VIP Member

Dark and gloomy outside here. Much, much, much, to do today. Didn't sleep well though and it's taken a toll.. I think a Xanax and a little more sleep is on the venue, then get at things.

At least I got my check. That's cool!

Everyone have a good day if possible. Wink

03/30/2012 06:14 AM
jmickPosts: 13899
VIP Member

Good morning... I think Wink

Good luck today Mimi! Funny pics last night Smile

I am still having trouble accessing part of my class, about to hit the roof... but I'm going to try and chill and remember it's their problem, not mine.

Time to make some cigarettes I guess...

03/30/2012 06:30 AM

Good morning Mimi, Silly, and Kevin.

Mimi, just be yourself and be totally honest at your appointment today. All will be okay - we are all pulling for ya. Wink

Silly, take a nap and then do what you need to do. But don't overdo or you will will be tired again. Tongue

Kevin, like you said - just remember that it's a problem on their end and until they fix it, you can't do anything about it. So just try to relax. Cool

I also got through yesterday's thread - funny stuff! Laughing Smile Cool

I will be headed out in a few for my therapy appointment - ugh. I am so not up to this today, but I know that's when I need it the most. So I must go, unwillingly. Pinch

Have a great day everyone!

03/30/2012 06:31 AM
Posts: 11286
Group Leader

Good morning Smile I'm still soooooo sleepy but I was rudely awakened by my daughters puppy throwing up this morning Shocked Sick. He obviously found her package of black pony tail bands. Let's just say the proof is there.. Lol. Not sure why he felt those would be tasty but we're all suffering for it now Sad

Mimi, you'll do great at the appt today. It's good that your anxious.... That's what the appt is for Wink

Kevin, sorry you're still having trouble getting your stuff for school. I'm sure that's aggravating .

Morning silly.

I'll try not to have a pic posting war with Mimi again today Ermm

Well I'm off to do a whole lot of nothing today... I'd post pics of my possiblle new house but I don't wanna jinx it Sad still not 100% sure we're making an offer. Waiting for some answers we gave to the realtor first. But it's a cool old house built in 1911... I like it a lot.. Just not thrilled it being in the middle of town Sad

Post edited by: Conn65, at: 03/30/2012 06:36 AM

03/30/2012 06:34 AM
Posts: 11286
Group Leader

Hi Wen, we must have posted at the same time, I didn't see ya before Smile hope your therapy appt goes well. After its all done hopefully you can relax and enjoy your weekend Smile

03/30/2012 06:38 AM

Hi Connie, yup it looks like we posted at the same time. Tongue I hope the house works out for you, I love old houses - so much character to them.

I am going to try very hard to relax blood pressure needs me to relax. Dizzy

03/30/2012 06:49 AM
Posts: 11286
Group Leader

Ha... My blood pressure needs me to relax too! I can tell mines up the last couple of days. I'm too afraid to take it.

03/30/2012 07:35 AM

Good Morning You All;

Speaking of blood pressure...Mine feels like it's going through the roof after yesterday!!!

Hubbie was diagnoised with COPD(not good)

He has to have x-rays and CT's(can't wait to take him to those appts)

He is one cranky ass bastard!!!! He snapped my head off in the waiting room full of people and I burst into tears!!!! I guess the MD read him the riot act and he HAS to stop smoking.

He does not want to go to have any of the test above(that's what he snapped my head off about)

The young nurse gave me a look like she felt sorry for me(sure could of used a hug)

So good thing we were only a mile from home as I cried like a baby all the way home and had to listen to him going off the whole entire ride home.

So when we got home I quickly went to the bedroom and took a klono and laid down.

He naturally came back there and tried to continue his rant and how life was not fair and I just looked at him waved him away with my hand.

He was on the phone with a co-worker and when he hung up he had another angry moment and knocked the answering machine on the floor and in his anger he kicked it!!!

So no more answering maching LOL!!!

Both cats slept with me last night as they were afraid of GENE!!!!

He woke me up before he went to work and I didn't have much to say to him except have a nice day and slammed the sliding glass door shut and quickly bolted it!!!

He should of stayed home but I don't think he would of lived through the day if he kept up his anger shit with me.

I have to call the ins company to see if we need referals to go do these test and oh yeah before we left yesterday he had not finished filling out all the papers I had to print out for this first MD visit and that's when he really started being a shit head!!!! So I filled them out and would not let him see them because I know he would not of answered many of the questions truthfully!!!!

So I just know he is going to come home early like he has been for months and keep up with his ranting because he has no leave left so will not be getting paid for a full week (once more)

He has not worked a full 40 hours for months and when they run out of work he has to come home and he has used up all his leave.

I didn't like the statment he made about my disability check and how I better give it to him when I get it!!!!

AHHHH guess what gang? It ain't gonna happen in a million yrs!!!

He claims I owe him???? I thought we were married and now he's acting like I'm just a roommate????

Dang who does he think does all the house work and washes his clothes and cooks dinner almost every single night(even when I feel like I'm dying on these swollen legs and feet)?????

Dang you all can one of you come and get me out of here?????

I felt so sorry for him and now???? Who stole my sweet husband?

I'm walking on egg shells here just waiting for his next outburst wondering if he going to kick me out again!!!

If he dose so be it!! Because every single thing in this house belongs to me!!!(I bought all this stuff yrs before we were married) I lived by myself so when he married me he got an entire house full of everything!!!

I'm not afraid to call a storage place and empty this place out!!!

Even his damn lazy boy chair came out of my wallet!!!

Someone please tell me to shut the hell up!!!


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