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02/05/2010 03:48 PM

TV Show


Ok guys here is some information about the Dr. Oz show.

The filming and the interviews went good today wow glad thats over with that was stressfull. The crew was at my house for about 5 hours.

Here is the information on the psychologist that will be on the show with Dr. OZ also here is his web sites:

I talked with David F. Tolin, Ph.D., ABPP today on the phone.

The crew will be at my house again on Tuesday for the taping while my Husband is in New York for the taping of the show. The show will air sometime at the end of Feb. I will let you know as soon as I do as to the date.

If you guys have any questions please PM or ask on the post.

Hugs guys thanks for all of the support.



02/05/2010 03:53 PM
Posts: 10505
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All I have to say is: Grin Silly Grin Silly Grin

I am so happy and so proud!!!!!

02/05/2010 04:03 PM
silverguyPosts: 5233
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wow trace, you might just be the most famous agor in the USA after the show airs. you better get a disguise for when you go out! LOL! all i can say is you got guts girl, and i tip my hat to you. remember the deal, if you say silver on the show you get $10.

02/05/2010 04:28 PM
jmickPosts: 13899
VIP Member

Tracey that's so cool Smile I'll be looking out for the show.

Silver, why not make it $50 if she mentions Agor Island? LOL... nevermind, we don't want them locking her up Tongue "You see, we go this island all our own..."

02/05/2010 04:41 PM
Posts: 4184
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Ill never know how you had the nerve to have those guys in the house Tracy..but I think its great Smile

I have no idea when ill get to see it over here but im really pleased that the media are finally taking notice..and not in a "look at the freaks" way

02/05/2010 08:20 PM
Posts: 21498
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Great job Tracey! you are such a motivation for the peeps looking in on here. Thank you for being our voice!


02/05/2010 08:47 PM
Posts: 913

Tracey, I can't wait to see the show! I am so proud of you for doing this! I would have had a breakdown with film crews all over me.

Did they just film you or did they ask questions? Give us the dirt girl! LOL

DON"T mention the island! hahahaha They will lock you up for sure!! That is so hilarious. I will give you $10 too if you mention Silver. hehe

Great job! You have done us proud.Wink

02/05/2010 08:55 PM
Posts: 4290
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I am so proud too. I don't think I could have done it. It would have made me crazy to have strangers in my house for that long, even on a good day.

Way to go, Tracey!Smile

02/06/2010 04:23 PM

Ok Krissy here is the dirt!

When they were here on Friday they set up for my interview in my dinning room they had a light behind me, a light to my right, a mcrophone above me, a camera in front of me and the lady who was asking questions was in front of me they also had a mcrophone on me. When they interviewd my husband they set up in my living room at this point my nerves were getting the best of me so I escaped out side while they did his my little kittys must have known I was strssed because as soon as I went outside they found me and did not let me out of there sight.

Then they put another mcrophone on us and asked us to go about our daily runtine that was weird so I cooked brafast for my husband and then they followed me and taped me while I was on the computer. Wait again and they taped me looking out my window they were outside and I was looking out of the window.

The last filming they did was to follow me with the camera to walk down to the street to get my newspaper. They were here for about 5 hours on Friday and I read on the Dr. Oz web site that it takes about 3 hours to record a 1 hour show.

Sory it took me so long to answer your questions.

02/06/2010 06:51 PM

awww! your kitties were there for you!!

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