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05/10/2009 06:01 AM

hello all

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hi all, im new to the group and im in need of peoples opinions. im a recovering agrophobic, ive been a sufferer for about a year and a half, my little girl got diagnosed with pnumonia last night and was taken to hospital. my husband is with her but i really need to be there as im her mummy!!!! HELP PLEASE, what should i do? how do i face leaving the house? please please give me some thoghts and ideas, im so upset and confused. Sad



05/10/2009 08:30 AM
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SallyJane- Welcome to the group.

In life, there are certain things we must do, especially as parents. If you feel very strongly that you should be with your little girl at the hospital, then no matter how frightened you are, you must go. You will probably feel uneasy, but you will survive you outing. Staying in the house will not keep you safe from anything outside. Thats the most rational answer I can give. The more you give into your phobia, the stronger it grows. You may be afraid to venture out, and that's ok, but you have to keep trying.



05/10/2009 10:30 AM

Hi SallyJane,

Welcome to our family, we are very happy that you have found us and hope that you feel comfortable here with the support and caring you will receive from our members.

I believe that you should try your very best to get to the hospital to see your little girl. Are you on any sort of anti-anxiety medication? If so, take one before you leave and slowly make it out of the house. You don't have to rush out the door, just do it slowly and steadily. But I really do believe that you need to be beside your daughter's side no matter what you are feeling.

It's okay to be scared and feel so much anxiety over this, don't try to hide it, just try to get through it the best that you can. My therapist has told me more than once that you want to feel the anxious feelings (to a point) so that you can learn to deal with them. But don't let it get to the point of a panic attack, if it gets to that point then back off for a bit and then try it again. I know that you will overcome your fear long enough to be with your daughter who needs you now.

Keep us posted and remember we are here to help you through this. We care and will support you. I hope some of what I have written has helped you some how.

I wish you the best of luck.

05/10/2009 01:10 PM
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Hi SallyJane ~

I'm glad you have joined the group. I'm sorry to hear you are having a difficult time at the moment. I guess I'm not much on giving advice at this time, as it is hard for me to leave home somedays also.

But please know that I'm glad you are here and feel free to PM me or let me know if I can help in any way.Wink


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05/11/2009 01:50 PM
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I am suffering from agoraphobia too and I can tell you from experience is that your daughter is the most important person in your life and if you don't go and be with her you will feel quilty and have a hard time forgiving yourself. Just keep thinking of your daughter, put her above your fears. It will be very difficult but you have to do it for her. She is also scared being in a strange hospital, she needs you, go be with her. I wish you all the strength and luck, keep us informed how things work out

05/11/2009 02:30 PM

Hi Sally,

I just wanted to check in with you to see how you and your daughter are doing. Have you been able to leave your home and go see her? Remember, as Whitney said - it's okay if you can't - hopefully you can talk to her on the phone and you can always send her notes and cards with your husband. Please let us know how things are going and we will continue to support and help you through this.

05/11/2009 07:47 PM
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I can understand how you're feeling- helpless and scared. I don't know what to say, but there are a lot of things posted here that could help. It's easier when you don't feel pushed and are not judged. You will be with your daughter, however you choose to handle it - please don't beat yourself up. All the best to you and your family. I'll check in and try to add some support. Kathy

05/12/2009 07:49 PM

Hi Sally, Just checking in to see how you and your daughter are doing? You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Best wishes.


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