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07/05/2011 11:03 AM

The Market Place



agoraphobia is fear of the market place, literally translated. i work IN A MARKET PLACE. i am a cashier in the grocery store. the store itself has become a comfort zone.


i have had a hard time at overcrowded parks, there was a fest going on over the weekend, both down town and out of town, and i didnt get to either of them mainly because i have no money to spend, but in the back of my mind, i am so afraid.

i went to the park when they were just setting up the fest, and there were so many people there, and they just made me want to run away.

so i spent the 4th of july in the house playing cards w mom and my fiance. it was nice.

anyway, just wondered if anyone else gets real nervous in parks and other places, that should be comforting to our souls, they just have too many people and we get all balled up and nervous?

i dont think for me it is the wide open spaces, i think it is the people... too many people makes me think maybe im anti-social not agor. ? idk. im confused. but i am also disconcerted in elevators and other enclosed spaces.

im just a plain old weirdo!!!!



07/05/2011 11:17 AM
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Yes for me the only time stores or shops bother me is when they are crowded with people. And any building I go in must have a window to see outside!! I love parks but not when hordes of people are there! For me it is more a people phobia than an market one. And I can not go into strange buildings,just cannot get myself to go inside.

And I hate going out in the dark, but I did it last night,I went out on my front porch with my neighbor next door out there as well and watched the fireworks that were like a mile away, I liked them cos the noise level was way down!! See agors can do things we just have to make ourselves do it! And I admit I was very nervous but it was niceSmile

07/05/2011 11:22 AM
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You are NOT a Weirdo. You have normal reactions for an agor. Even some non-agors don't like big crowds. Everybody needs their space to feel safe. You're very brave for working in a market place. I could not handle that at this point. I strive to be where you are. Glad you still had a nice 4th!

07/05/2011 11:30 AM
jmickPosts: 13899
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I think the literal definition of agoraphobia can be misleading. A better description of agoraphobia would focus on the root cause of not wanting to be in a certain environment or situation. If the reason you avoid certain places or people is because you are afraid of panic attacks or panic symptoms, then it's probably agoraphobia.

I definitely have some of the same fears that you mentioned. I don't like crowds of people, especially when I feel stuck like I can't get away. I can't stand enclosed places, mostly for the same reason -- I can't get away. My worst nightmare is not being able to move or being "stuck." I have learned to overcome my fear of certain specific places simply because I've been to them so often they have become a safe zone, like you describe your workplace. Direct confrontation with a stranger still remains one of my biggest fears, though.

07/05/2011 11:40 AM

thank you for the replies, kevin i think you are right, about being less literal with the definition, or translation of the word. i just wanted to first demonstrate that our agoraphobia doesnt have to be debilitating, all the time, i mean i know there are times when it is for me.

i love concerts, but can rarely go to one, and if i do i cant make my own way to the bathroom if it is a sold out show like the last one i went to years ago, i saw opeth in pittsburgh, and my brothers gf at the time saw me start to get through the crowd and then stop and turn back and just almost burst into tears, i was wayyyy in the back of the club, and had to get to the front to get to the restroom, it was tough, because i HATE touching people, and people touching me especially ones i dont know!!!!! ugh, i couldnt even say excuse me there was no excuse, i just had to ram i nto people to get them to get out of the way, luckily she saw me start and stop, then lead me to the bathroom, i never thought of how kind that was of her to do for me. because i came back almost crying like, i'll just go before we leave and the show hadnt even started yet!

they are playing the same venue in the burgh on halloween with katatonia, which would be awesome, but i bet it would be more crowded than before!!!

it will sell out before i have time to choose whether i want to go or not.

anyway, thanks again for all the replies, i think this group is super helpful and supportive, thanks for being awesome


07/05/2011 12:52 PM
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This is such a great topic since so many of us have had to cope with crowds around this awful crowded holiday business recently. I may not have anything positive to contribute right now, but wanted to thank all who did cause reading the responses helped me personally wit what I have going on right now so THANK YOU ALL!!! Smile

07/06/2011 06:57 AM
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Welcome to the group Megan

07/06/2011 07:29 AM

thanks bunches Smile

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