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04/22/2010 04:38 PM

New to Group


Hi my name is Brenda and I was just diagnosed with agoraphobia in January of this year. I didnt realize what it was until it was explained to me. I have been looking for an online group for awhile and finally stumbled onto this one. So Hello everyone and I hope that my questions are not too repetitive for the group.



04/22/2010 04:48 PM
jmickPosts: 13899
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Welcome to the group Brenda! This is a great place with lots of people going through different stages of agoraphobia. Never worry about being repetitive, we're always happy to help Smile


04/22/2010 04:54 PM
Posts: 7356
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Hi Brenda! I was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago. This is the best group ever. I know you'll love it here as I do. I can't wait to get to know you better!


04/22/2010 05:01 PM
Posts: 1156
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I'm an Advocate

Welcome to the group Brenda!!! I've been agoraphobic for about three or four years now, and trust me, I know how you feel!!! I love this site and hope you will too! So far it's the only thing that's helped me!!! Don't ever worry about being too repetitive, we're all just here to help!!! Hope to hear from you soon!


04/22/2010 05:29 PM
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Welcome to the group Brenda! You stumbled into the right place. Glad you are here. We'll be glad to answer your questions... fire away!

04/22/2010 05:44 PM
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Welcome Brenda!!!!!

Ask away. We all know what it feels like to want to comprehend this illness. It is a weird one! You can read my diary entries "Physiology of..." and "Beyond Exposure" for some info and my views (click on my picture, the diary is on my page). No question is too small or silly or too big. We are here to help one another out. I am so glad you found us. This is a truly terrific group of people! Have hope.


04/22/2010 05:53 PM
Posts: 6115
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I'm an Advocate

Welcome to the group. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I am on here a lot so I'll get back to you pretty fast. Feel free to send a pm or just start a new discussion in the forums.

I just found this site a little less than a month ago and absolutely love it. It is so helpful to connect with other people who understand.

I hope you find it helpful and I am looking forward to getting to know you! Smile


04/22/2010 06:45 PM

Welcome to the group Brenda!



04/23/2010 08:56 AM
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Welcome Brenda! There is an old Russian proverb: повторен& #1080;е - мать всего изучения OR... "Repetition is the mother of all language" it kind of looses a bit in translation. Wink The only question that is bad is the one that is not asked.

Look forward to hearing your story.


04/23/2010 09:01 AM
Posts: 40

Welcome! I'm quite new to this community too. It really helps to share all of your success stories. I love reading those!

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