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05/14/2012 03:26 PM

Do you find it easier to get out in the morning?

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I find if I am going to go out I have to do it in the morning. I take my walks as soon as I am dressed and hubby is ready, if I have to go to the pharmacy it is in the morning when they first open and I make all my Doctor's appointments in the morning whenever possible. I tend to panic much more in the afternoon if I have to get out. How about you?

Cheryl V.


05/14/2012 03:51 PM
damselndistressPosts: 16957
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I am the opposite.

My anxiety is the highest in the morning and I do better as the day goes on.

This may relate to cortisol levels but I had mine checked and they were normal so I don't know.

05/14/2012 04:36 PM

yes! !!

I always booked my dentist appointments and doctor visits in the morning! I would wish I took classes in the morning (but too many people in the mornings) and hated that I had to go in the evenings when my anxiety was higher. This is just my experience. I do get good night's rest usually so this is probably why.

have a good one everyone Wink Wink

05/14/2012 04:54 PM

I like mornings best but I tend to go out at night unless I have appointments to cut down on the sensory overload. I finally figured that out but shopping is still very trying with bright lights and people bustling about and the sheer volume of items to go through. There are fewer people out at night which at least helps. My biggest fear is someone will say something to me. They are super friendly here and always do. It's hard for me but it's also a comfort to see how nice and friendly people are here.

05/14/2012 05:31 PM
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Interesting question! I find mornings are most difficult for me to leave the house. All the stimuli of morning traffic, sudden bright light and noises after a quiet night make mornings the absolute most difficult for me to be out and about. Late afternoon and evening is actually my preferred time to get out for walks and errands.

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05/14/2012 05:40 PM
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I'm not a morning person Sad Morning is full of anxiety and "what If's" for me. I need time to wake up and get the brain fog to lift and try to figure out what panic situations might come my way for the day. I do much better in the afternoon and evening... I love late night too. That's when I am most at peace.... no surprise appts or outings.

05/14/2012 05:49 PM
mimi84Posts: 9269
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Hmm... I don't like going out unless I am fully awake, showered and fed... but I don't like going out too late either.

05/14/2012 05:50 PM

I am NOT a morning person at all! Unsure Blink Wassat

I am more functional after like 2pm W00t Grin Grin Grin Whistling

05/16/2012 02:05 PM
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If i have an appointment, i prefer to have it as early as possible, so the anticipatory anxiety doesn't build up too much. However, my anxiety is usually at its worst during the morning, and when my anxiety was at its worse, i would tend to try and do shopping just before the store was about to close. I think in the back of my mind, i thought the staff would be eager to get home and would serve me quicker! I hate queues!

05/16/2012 02:19 PM
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i find am is best simply because i have to go out for the kids to get to school on-time and may as well do it all at once rather than the trauma of going out multiple times a day...

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