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04/29/2012 12:27 AM

success stories?

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has anyone here recovered from panic attacks well enough to drive for at least an hour daily and go to work and live healthy lives?

and how bad was your condition before? was it ever the type where you couldn't leave home? I go on and off but for the last year and a half or so , it's been tough for me. It's hard for me to forget the pain felt during panic attacks and I'm always paranoid.

I just want to live a normal life again. it's hard


04/29/2012 12:57 AM
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i could not leave the door to my apartment and shut it without panic,let alone go out the front door of the building onto the street.I shared the building with a friendly art gallery on the ground floor and a friend who lived in the basement.

I can now travel 1 kilometre walking,7 kilometres motorbike and 60 kilometres driven by motorcar.So,yes,my agoraphobia was so bad i could not leave my apartment door let alone the building door to go onto the street.I have heard of a minority of sufferers who cannot leave one room in their house or apartment to go to another room.

I am not well enough to travel an hour to work or lead a 'normal' life,however my improvements from being trapped in home is 1000 times better than then.

04/29/2012 06:01 AM
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HI I stayed inside my home for a full year, became depressed, suicidal, it was the mmost miserable thing I had ever felt.Just the beginning of this year I started working really hard towards my recover, because it was putting such a huge strain on my relationship. I am able to go to work with the help of meds and strong mind. I will go out with my husband to most places depending on distance. I can drive to a few places around town alone, but not long distances. I still have attacks and still let the what if go across my mind. I even had apanic attack at my new job! You have to just take small steps towards recovcery and remember that you cant change it all over night. It is alot of hard work. I am still far away from being back to normal, but you have to count even the small things as huge successes

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