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04/24/2012 04:54 AM

What's Up Teletubbies Tuesday? 04/24/2012(page 2)

silverguyPosts: 5234
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I'm an Advocate

Can we please keep it down in here a little. I have a bit of a headache!

I'm going to post 10 times today, anyone care to match me?


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04/24/2012 05:40 AM
jmickPosts: 13899
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Morning everybody. I'm pretty anxious, but luckily have no where to be until tomorrow (therapy day). Right now I'm just doing some laundry. Gmail has been really messed up the last couple days, hope I have nothing important in there.

04/24/2012 05:54 AM
lu1063Posts: 313

Good morning all! Smile

Didn't sleep well lastnight,feel like crap. So thinking about staying in bed most of the day. Maybe read alittle, nap alittle.

Have a great day! Smile

04/24/2012 06:45 AM
damselndistressPosts: 17359
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Morning David, Whitney, Tina and i see it took me so long to write this others popped in.

Let's see i have catching up to do because i faced more challenges yesterday.

I finally went into the Goodwill store.

We are short here on girls shirts and skinny boy pants.

School will end in several weeks so i thought maybe i could just pick up a couple things cheap rather than to buy new to only wear a couple times. Well first thing is stigma. If someone sees me they will be like i saw Damsel and she must be missing that paycheck because i saw her going into Goodwill ( second hand store ) so it was one getting over that fear of judgement. And the other is it's an outing will i handle it?

So i made it in, and they had nothing i wanted it was all in very bad shape and slim pickens. So no reason to go back there again. It does leave me with the problem that we still are short on clothing but i can stop wondering about what is in that store.Smile

Another thing i did was go to our old house to get a dish.

I have big anxiety about this little cottage in the woods i will call it because it is where i got sick.

There is an awful stench in there and i had wanted to try to go this summer a little bit at a time and clean things out.

Sort through things and see what might be saved but i do not feel safe going in at all.

I was only there less than 5 minutes.

As soon as you go in there is just this odor like something died.

It smells like rotting flesh.

I feel unsafe there knowing that this is where i got so deathly ill and thought i would die.

Even with a window cracked and fresh air coming in i do not feel it is safe for me to spend time there.

I am feeling better.

Able to do more.

The collapsing episodes have stopped and i have a little energy and no longer feel death is approaching.

I am not totally feeling healed though and even if it is paranoia.

I don't want to expose myself to whatever is there that caused me to get so ill in the first place and go backwards.

So i am leaning more towards seeing if things can be brought out of the house and sorted in fresh air and maybe i just

stay out of there. At least until something changes with the condition of the air quality there. I am scared off.

So one of my little items sold on ebay.

I have just 40 items and at the rate they are selling at only 2 to 3 per month it will take several years just to clear out my inventory and i may just come up even or even take a bit of a loss after ebay fees but it feels like a total waste to not

sell them at all. But my issue now is i have to ship this. I ship from home but i have to find my tape.

The kids play with it and it was running low so i may have to make a trip to the store to buy more tape so that i can ship this hopefully today that was my commitment.

See how difficult our lives can be?

A couple little issues in my life and they become huge tasks with complications and potential anxiety triggers that can throw off a whole day or exhaut me.

Oh and the glass dish i picked up yesterday from the house I was going to wash and use to make our tater tot casserole. Well i got paranoid about using the dish and couldn't get that smell out of my mind and the dish had a sticky film on it and i loaded the dish washer with it and threw some other things in just to try to sanitize it. So i did not make the casserole in it. I guess i will continue to wash it until i feel it's safe or those memories fade of my fear of the house.

Thank goodness I'm safe in a different place and really don't have to go there at all.

I have to start over though which has been less stressful actually than dealing with whatever is in that house.

I say bulldozer or wrecking ball!Smile Smile

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04/24/2012 06:58 AM
Posts: 469

Did my walk , but started panicking and felt my throat tightening up , so I didn't do as long a walk as yesterday. Which pisses me off. I don't know what happened I had my meds and such, but like I said they aren't helping. Friday I see a new psychiatrist and hopefully she will prescribe me something to calm me down more. Yesterday I walked for around 10-15 minutes today it was only around 6. I feel like a wimp. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Cheryl

04/24/2012 07:05 AM
Posts: 10505
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Teletubbies Whitney?? Really??? WHY???? lol I am glad you took it easy yesterday, you needed a down day.

Tina.. people ARE crazy! Just look at us! The turmoil known as the human condition. Why must it be so hard to just be happy and content. Beats me. I hear Karma is a bitch! Wink

David, for a long time I have wanted to volunteer at a food bank, sorting goods and stuff, but like you I am so afraid of not being able to be reliable, not to mention being able to get there (not that it is far, just large roads). Still... maybe one day.

Cheryl.. I hope you went out!

Silly.. oh... look what happened to those sweet Teletubbies.. such shame.. Wink

Silver (David the First Tongue).. you really gonna post 10 times? I don't believe it. Are we going to go on a hunt for those posts??

Kevin and Lu. I am sorry you are n=both feeling lousy. I hope it passes soon. God knows I have had my share of "under covers" days, although I usually just keep going with a really lousy, depressed attitude.

Damsel, it sounds like yesterday you faced a lot of your fears and you did very well! If that house is that much of a trigger then perhaps you can get someone to go there for you and get the things you need. Keep reminding yourself that what happened is in the past and right now it is only the memory that you fear, not the actual house.

OK, I think I got you all. I exercised before I logged on for I was feeling lazy. That usually translates to me putting it off until I somehow, by some miracle just forget about it! So now I am still tired and to top it off sweaty. I think I will do myself a favor and jump in the bathtub. No great plans for today. I think I should take myself out for coffee around the corner. I have not gone by myself in a long time and hence I am feeling anxious about it. The cycle must be stopped! Well... it should be stopped. We will see Wink

04/24/2012 07:06 AM
mimi84Posts: 9296
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Good morning everyone!!!!!!!!! I woke up fairly early today but fell back asleep so I am a bit groggy. I have a list of things to do so hopefully I can get at least half done. Seeing David's videos today has inspired me- I am going for a walk! It finally stopped raining but it's still cold.. sorry no video from this girl though you are just gonna have to take my word on it. Wink Here's a question for ya: What would you do if you had to entertain a complete stranger for a day? What would you do with them? Would you entertain them at home or try your best to go out with them?

04/24/2012 07:08 AM
Posts: 10505
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Oh Cheryl.. you went! That is what counts!! For me, the success of my outings is very closely related to the attitude I have before I leave. If I am already resigned or frustrated I am more likely to panic. Don't forget that not all days will be the same. Some better, some worse, it is completely normal. Don't beat yourself up. It makes matters worse..

04/24/2012 07:10 AM
jmickPosts: 13899
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Well I got some of my school stuff done. Don't really feel better, but at least I got something accomplished. Now if I could just get the laundry done Tongue

I have no idea what to do on days like this. I'd love to just go back to sleep, but I've already slept way too much and I know it's not going to help. I have a netflix, but have no interest in watching anything right now. Guess I just keep on trucking...

04/24/2012 07:16 AM
Posts: 10505
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Mimi, I would buy a big bottle of wine, get them drunk and not worry about entertaining! Hehe, I am kidding. I guess it would depend on how I was feeling... No time to write now, I have to load my dog's needle. I am late with it again today. Just noticed the time. Just remember that people do not expect as much as we think they do! Some coffee, snacks, conversation... Maybe an outing to a coffee shop..

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