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03/29/2012 05:45 PM

I'll try


I want to try to start interacting on the list more, but it goes so fast, and I have so much to do on the computer already.

Today was terrible. I am completely paralyzed by this and alone. my neighbor is actually calling someone she knows to see if a friend of hers can pick up my prescription.

My car got towed. I'm just a bag of tears over this. I can't even walk 4 blocks to pick up the prescription to help me get through this mess. The only reason I can do anything is because of being able to hide in my car. When did they start towing after 2 tickets??? Couldn't they wait until next week?? Do I send out a pheromone to the universe saying "mess with me"?

this is what I get for having no 3 dimensional friends.


03/29/2012 06:10 PM
jacintajayPosts: 50

I am so sorry you are having such a bad day Sad It's good that you have your neighbour to help you though. Is there no family that can help? I do understand what it is like to have no friends in reality. All of mine disappeared from my life when I stopped being able to go out and starting 'hiding' from the world. I know it's tough to not think it's personal but life is a shit head sometimes and likes to test us when we really don't need the test. Keep strong and once you get your script you may feel better. I know I can't be there to give you a friendly hug or have a chat but please know there are people that are thinking of you ok.


03/30/2012 06:27 PM

Got my car back. Got to find out when they changed that thing about towing for a 30 day old ticket, but it's all taken care of. I realize how helpless I am without that car. I remember walking five miles a day just because I could, and now I cannot stand at a bus stop. I do have to say, I'm grateful for my x-father-in-law for volunteering to take me to the lot, and I'm grateful for the 5 days worth of clonazepan the doc gave me to get through all this, and I am not grateful for the f-up fairy making me the butt of her jokes.

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