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01/20/2012 09:37 PM

How long can it last?

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Does anyone else feel like they can't get too happy when they are doing well, because how long can it last? I feel good now, but I felt horrible last week. And I felt good a couple weeks before that. It's like, I went back to feeling bad before, it will most likely happen again soon, no matter how I feel now.

01/20/2012 09:44 PM

all I've got to say: ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS

"normal" folks think this way too! they go out on weekends to let go of the tension from the workweek, they try not to dread the beginning of the workweek. that is what helps them survive, keep "sane" no?

I know it is easier said than done, but we all should remember this , that everyone experiences these looming thoughts, except that WE, panic suffers do it much more lol Smile Smile Smile Smile

even before being agoraphobic (or being aware I even had anxiety or that even anxiety was experienced by everyone)I would always dread the beginning of the school week--on Sundays. it was supposed to be a day of relaxation but there i was just eating away at my nails wishing it were Saturday again.

i don't know if I make sense but this is something I'm realizing as i'm typing lol. funny how your questions made me think lol Smile Smile Smile

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01/20/2012 10:53 PM
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Spinlady..yes, but do enjoy it while it lasts...who knows maybe it will last forever Smile I have learner to just be at peace and enjoy on those good days!

01/21/2012 09:00 AM
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I know what you mean. You get burned enough times and you start anticipating the next flame. We are always on the lookout and we are always listening. Listening to our minds, listening to our bodies.. it is exhausting. We do have to learn to appreciate the good days without expectations. That it itself can lead to more good days. NO EXPECTATIONS!

01/21/2012 02:06 PM
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I completely agree with Anna here. I've been dealing with this long enough that you think I would know this but it's a hard thing to do!!!!! I have learned to take the good days with the bad.

I know this sounds cliche but I've learned to do this with SOOOOOO many situations in my life and that is: Take it ONE day at a time and if that's too much take it ONE minute at a time. When you think about it that way it WILL help you!! It takes practice but it is achievable!!!!!!

I understand how you feel!


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