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12/30/2011 01:46 AM

Frantic Friday!! 12/30/11

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Today will be frantic for me all right!! I finally just finished packing the kitchen and it is 1:30 am here now!! Next, I have to wake up at 8 am to start my journey to the new apts to sign papers and inspect...all with a sick child!! I have to scrub the kitchen thoroughly (even though they already cleaned) because my son is allergic to peanuts and god forbid if there was any peanut butter in there that wasn't cleaned up correctly (that is my ultimate fear right now...I don't want him to have any reactions)!! I also always reclean the bathrooms...hehe...a little ocd coming out there!! Then we have to come back and do any finishing touches to get ready to move on Saturday!! Told you this was Frantic Friday Dizzy I just want it to be over with!! I will probably only have internet for 1 more day until it gets hooked up at the new see you all in about a week Tongue Hope all of you have a calm peaceful Friday, instead of a frantic one Sideways Silly

12/30/2011 04:22 AM
SillyOMePosts: 21588
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Whoa Frog. That does sound like Frantic Friday for you.Shocked Sad Blink You made me nervous just reading that. Smile It will all be over soon, then you can start the fun stuff of redecorating and moving in! Hurray!

Well... I just woke up from a long slumber that I guess I never moved in. My back is sore as hell!!! I'm sitting here stretching and stuff to get it feeling better. I remember a lot of dreams but of what, I'm not sure. I must of slept well huh? Smile Smile

I watched the first season of Sons of Anarchy yesterday. Sopranos on Harleys!Wink

Anxiety has taken a vacation for a while here. I'm glad, we both needed one. Silly

Kevin... I'm all for education.. but do remember that you are a writer. The psychology will help you be a better writer... but don't forget about that!!!

Well.. not much going on here. Just watching movies and today is the day I put away the Christmas decorations. The boys won't leave the lights plugged in, so might as well take them down.

Their friend went home last night, I suspect others will show up today.Blink

12/30/2011 08:10 AM
SillyOMePosts: 21588
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Ever notice how this group has become so serious?

Oh the good old days when we laughed at anxiety and made it into a big fat joke.

It's almost 11:00 a.m and there are two posts on the what's up thread.

Hey... guess what newbies... you can actually make friends with people on here. They are REAL! Seriously.. I wouldn't lie. You get to know each other by sharing your day on this thread. Life doesn't have to be lonely just because you don't get out.. or out much!

Then when you find you like people.. you can exchange phone numbers.. you can talk with your voices and not fingers! Imagine that? Well.. unless you are mute or deaf.. then there is a problem there. Silly

I'll admit I didn't. I isolated for years and years in this big panic about agoraphobia and social anxiety... oh what do I do? --- how do I get better? I even went so far as to go to college for 3 years! Guess what.. that didn't work because of the agor and panic so I never actually graduated because I couldn't do my externship (yes, it's called an externship not a internship... don't ask me why cuz I don't know!) at a Dr.s office!

Bah Humbug.... We are who we are. Relax about that and everything else will come to be what it should be. Don't take life so seriously.. no one gets out alive!Silly Oh.. and the right drugs work wonders!

Resolutions for me: Stop fucking swearing all the fucking time. FUCK!

12/30/2011 09:12 AM
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Good fucking morning to you Silly! Haha!! and what a day! Good luck!!

Silly: I like your resolution but don't think it stands a fucking chance lol!! Wink

My new years resolution is not to make any so I don't have to deal with the guilt when I break it Tongue

Well, my last day night were full of teenage relationship drama and I do not deal with it well.

I anticipate today will be the same so my plan is to have my daughter just sleep most of the day away until the hubby gets home. She was up all night, I can confirm well past 3am, so she will easily sleep all day if I let her Wink

Mommyhood sucks bigtime.

But, anyhooooooo, yum we got chinese take out last night so I think I'll go git me sum Wink

TTFN! Smile

12/30/2011 10:10 AM

HI Frog, Silly, and Crissy!!! Smile

Frog-good luck with all the paperwork, moving and cleaning! You will be a busy bee for a while! Smile

Silly-Good Lawd thats a lot of F-bombs! hahaha. Made me laugh so thats a plus!

Crissy- Teenage Drama... noooo. lol. Tongue. I think when I have a kid I am going to send them to someone else during the teenage years and then they can come back at about 23ish, maybe 25. hahaha

I have to call the family and see what the scoop is. Have to see if they are all going to come back or not. I am exhausted. I thankfully had a great visit with the fam but it was only my mom and 2 cousins. I still have to see my 2 aunts, my 2, uncles, and my other 2 cousins (girls). Not that its a bad thing, it is just family overload! HAHAHAHA. Thankfully I love them so its no biggie. One of my cousins (girl) she is my mini me so I love seeing her. They all have nicknames so its fun, I hardly ever call them from their real names. Tongue. The joys of being the oldest cousin!!! lol

12/30/2011 10:51 AM
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Howdy, everybody ! Its 'Frantic Friday', alright.

Dearest 'frog', and 'Silly', 'Crissy', and 'jpooh'....hey, I think I got everybody's names this time.

I love your posts; they takethe over-seriousness out of the day, and make me laugh ( always welcome ), as I must admit, my dearest friends, I sometimes tire of overexposure to," Weepy, deepy, creepy, sleepy " posts, although, today, I can hardly keep my eyes open, and have vowed to put myself down for a nap no later than 3 PM, even if I have to get Daisy to sit down on the telephone !

Its my own fault, really; I'm just too damn old to stay up late, and then hope to function in the morning.

My blessed C.N.A. stopped by to give me a glorious shower, and to straighten-up the house a little, and make my up my bed; frankly, its wonderful to be squeaky-clean, and in clean, fresh clothes, though my long hair ( even longer than in my Pro-feel, takes forever to dry. See...the 'wet-head-is not dead.

I earlie made my resolutions on silver's thread, and then answered a post by my friend '82nd'. So I have been an half-awake, but busy bee, sixe 3 XL..too fat to fly, unless pushed off a cliff.

Last night, I did a diary post, so ALL are welcome to drop by, and leave your kind comments, + my friend, 'Strenuba' just wrote a new poem, and its great, as usual.

As regards to swearing, I do know all the words, and have frequently employed all of them and a few that I made up.

I wish Roy (( both heir and King at MDJ ), would, 1) add spell check everywhere; 2) stop the damn pages form refresng ecery 90 seconds; I don't know why it has to do that, and, 3) ad two new, animated emoticons ( one for 'WTF?'; and, the other for, 'Kiss my ***! ).

And, until I drop for my nap, would most enjoy a little fun; as the Agors have better parties !

12/30/2011 12:43 PM
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Frog, wow.... busy day and weekend ahead for you. Hope it all goes smoothly Smile

Jenn, family overload Shocked but good that you love them and it's awesome they visit and spend time with you !

Crissy, more teenage drama Sad ugh..... I feel bad for you and for your daughter... I wouldn't want to be a teenage girl again for anything !!!

Silly, POTTYMOUTH Tongue better get it all out of your system before New Years lol.... don't wanna break that resolution.

Zahc , glad you got all fresh and clean Silly enjoy your nap..... You made me laugh with your post as always Grin

I will try not to be serious today.... Just for Silly Ermm Tongue I need a little laughter about now !!!

12/30/2011 12:59 PM

hello everyone.

hey silly, when did you go to college? how old were you? =]

12/30/2011 01:07 PM
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Silly was 63 when she went to college. What a silly question.

12/30/2011 01:17 PM
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Howdy everyone Smile, i'm still recovering from the holls, i gotta take down my Christmas tree still !....i'm leaving the "village" up for sure, there must be about 30 boxes uuuugggggg.

Frog, its bad enough moving apartments, let alone try doing it with agor and a sick child ! my feelings go out to you for sure, i once had to move apartments in San Diego and both my cars broke down at the same time, and i couldn't afford to rent a truck, it was baaaaad 1 Sad, and only one more day of internet, you are a strong person for sure ! Smile

Silly, so glad your anxiety is taking a break today Smile don't take life so seriously !....words to live by Smile

Chrissy...always good to see ya's, bustin the F's, that's the most sensible thing ive ever seen....don't make a resolution....don't get disappointed ! awesome SmileSmileSmile overload ! i here that Smile

Zahc Smile howdy ma buddy ! hope you are surviving the hols ok SmileSmile

Conn....yes, nooooooo seriousness......for Silly !!!!!!!


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