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12/26/2011 02:24 PM

Success taking it one day at a time..

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Since I first posted here a month or so ago, I've been thinking up reasons for me to go out every day. It might be to visit a new store, or to look at the holiday decorations in the next town. Kind of like keeping an appointment. It might seem small to many, but too me, getting out of here is a big deal. The other thing I have to overcome is getting panicky when some speed demon drives on my back bumper. My plan is to try to go volunteer somewhere and then maybe look for a job.

12/26/2011 05:28 PM
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Hi Jaylee,

I am so glad that you came back to give us an update. It is such a wonderful accomplishment to be able to look back and see our success. Where do you plan on volunteering?



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