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10/13/2011 07:39 PM

Starting the Friday Thread a bit early!

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Although it's only 10:30pm here in Ontario, I figure for some of you it's Friday already!

I hope everyone has a better day today than yesterday. I just read thread (for Thursday) and everyone seemed really down. Must be the change in the weather. I know the change is definitely affecting my anxiety levels.

Seeing Halloween is fast approaching, here are some related questions!

1. Do you like Halloween? Why/why not?

2. What do you normally do for Halloween?

3. Do you like horror movies?

4. If so, what's your favourite?

5. How does the changing of the seasons make you feel?

Well, I have a doctors appt this morning. My hubby and I are throwing around the idea of having another baby soon, but I am SCARED! First of all, I don't know if I can function without my meds, which I would not want to take while trying to get pregnant and throughout the pregnancy. Second, I had severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome my first pregnancy, in which I could have died. My doctor is going to get all of my hospital records and we are going to sit down and discuss everything.

Needless to say, my anxiety levels are up.

Have a great day everyone!!!


10/13/2011 07:47 PM
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Oh, I almost forgot to answer my own questions!

1. Do you like Halloween? - I never really was a fan of Halloween until my daughter was born.

2. What do you normally do for Halloween? Every year (since I had my daughter) we get together with friends and their kids and make a night out of it. My daughter loves it and has so much fun, and now, so do I!

3. Do you like horror movies? I used to like them, but now they cause me severe anxiety and nightmares.

4. N/A. I will tell you the movie that freaked me out the most though - The Ring. When I was about 12 or 13, I had a reoccurring dream about a girl (well ghost) around the same age as me, in a long white nightgown and long black hair, that would stand/float outside my parents dining room bay window and stare inside at me. When I watched the ring and saw that girl, she reminded me of those dreams. Still now when I am at my parents house at night time, I get so scared when I walk by that bay window.

5. How does the changing of the seasons make you feel? - My panic/agor is always worse in the winter, and when the sun is not shining.

10/14/2011 04:48 AM
SillyOMePosts: 21588
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Good Morning everyone!

Tara it is so good to see you back! (I meant to tell you that a few days ago). I wish you would tell us about Spain. Pictures?

Another baby?????????? Are you crazy???? Grin Grin Whistling Devil Whatever you decide, I hope it is in everyone's best interest. I like how you are not just jumping into the idea but discussing it first. Very cool.

Speaking of cool, how about this weather? I fear the nice fall days are coming to an end here. It's pretty cold this morning.

I left my computer on all night downloading a Bob Marley song to hear. Now the song 1 Love? Is in my head. "Let's get together and it'll be alright." That should be our theme song line!

Before I saw that I saw a video on this dude IZ. Isreal was his first name and the last was Hawaiian. Anyway, he sang Over the Rainbow. It brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing voice that guy had. Fidget had asked me to watch it and I'm so glad I did. It's very easy to just cram all this stuff into our heads, but it's almost nice NOT to have fast Internet so I can appreciate what I see and hear. Could you imagine having a voice like that? (IZ) To leave behind joy and happiness even when you are gone?!

1. Do you like Halloween? Why/why not? I have never been... oh how do I say... at ease with Halloween. The whole origin of it is creepy! But for the kids, it is a great day of fun and candy. That can't be bad.

2. What do you normally do for Halloween? Wish I had an awesome costume to wear and the guts to wear it! Otherwise NOTHING!

3. Do you like horror movies? Yes. Why? I have no idea. I like zombie movies the best.

4. If so, what's your favourite? Hmmmmmm no particular one comes to mind. I just don't get into the Saw movies, stupid things like that.

5. How does the changing of the seasons make you feel? Dread of winter. I don't see me wanting to live through the rest of my life with this frigid weather unless I can afford heat!

10/14/2011 06:38 AM
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Hey Tara and questions for me today, I don't feel good. Like really don't feel good, my stomach is a mess. So much a mess that I haven't eaten anything since like 2 yesterday afternoon.....cause eating yesterday just made my stomach so much worse. Like, gross worse.

10/14/2011 06:41 AM
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Good Morning Tara and Silly!!!!!!!!!!! Smile Smile Smile AND everyone else who's looking Laughing

DANG! I'm in such a good mood I should be shot! Grin

Seriously, I increased my Remeron idk, like 4 or 5 days ago and now today I really feel happy! AND I haven't cried in at least 2 days now!!!

OK~ I'll stop gloating Wink I hope everyone else is having a good Friday and looking forward to a fun weekend ahead.

1. Do you like Halloween? Why/why not? Yes~ because it comes in Fall and I love Fall holidays and I love creepy, scary, haunted stuff. The shows this time of year are GREAT Smile

2. What do you normally do for Halloween? I normally walk my son around the neighborhood trick or treating with my friend and her son, but I will probably stay home this year and watch the Ghost Hunters marathon or something Wink

3. Do you like horror movies? I like scary, psychological-type movies but not the blood and gore horror movies. I liked Insidious Smile I never get scared by any of it though. Real life is scary enough for me!!

4. If so, what's your favourite? Oh, can't remember the title. The one with Bruce Willis and the little boy who says "I see dead people"...what was that called? Second Sense or something?

5. How does the changing of the seasons make you feel? Totally refreshed!! Once it really starts to cool down it's wonderful because summers are brutal in FL where I live!

10/14/2011 06:46 AM
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Morning Erin.....sorry you are sick! Sad Feel Better!!! xoxoxo

Tara: I hope the anticipatory anxiety goes away....good luck at your appt and let us know how you're doing! Great to see you here again Smile Smile Smile

Silly: I agree! Great song!! Stay warm Smile Smile Smile

10/14/2011 06:48 AM
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"Sixth Sense" THAT'S the name of the movie~ creeeepppyyyyy but good Smile

10/14/2011 06:53 AM
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Blink Good morning everyone...

I'm sooooooooo sleepy today Sad I had zero sleep. This not sleeping thing is getting really old !

This morning I have to go to story hour with my neice, and I have plans to go to lunch with my friend. I just want to sleep Unsure

I found out late yesterday that my dad has to have another bypass surgery on his legs. He just had one 2 weeks ago, and now they have to do the other leg. It requires a hospital stay and I feel horrible that I can't get there. And I'm being reminded by my mom right now of how my "issues" keep the family from doing what they need and want to do. So I feel like a burden at the moment.... Wish I could be different Sad

Ok, enough of my pity party... It's Friday W00t W00t

1. Do you like Halloween? Why/why not? ~ I have mixed emotions about halloween. I don't like the icky stuff people do and I don't like bloody scary costumes. But I love funny cute costumes Smile I used to love being creative and dressing my kids for halloween.

2. What do you normally do for Halloween? ~ My whole family goes to my sisters house to help pass out candy and see all the kids in costume. It's a small town here, but she gets probably a couple hundred kids or more since she lives in the center of town.

3. Do you like horror movies? ~ I don't really like horror movies. I've watched many of them, but can't say I like them Sad I prefer happy movies.... life is scary enough Wink

4. If so, what's your favourite? ~ I've seen a few, but don't have a favorite...

5. How does the changing of the seasons make you feel? ~ I think I do get a touch of the winter blues. I'm definitely happier when the sun is shining !

Hi Tara, good to see you back Smile

Hi Silly Smile Smile

Erin, sorry you aren't feeling well. Get some rest and feel better soon Smile

Post edited by: Conn65, at: 10/14/2011 07:06 AM

10/14/2011 06:55 AM
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Sideways Hi Crissy Smile I didn't see ya while i was posting.....

So glad to hear you're feeling happy today Smile Silly Enjoy your happy day !

10/14/2011 07:01 AM
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Hey Conn!! Sorry you didn't get any sleep~ I hope you find a little time for a nice "power nap" today or get an extra great night of sleep tonight...

Ugghhhh, there are soo many things I would like to say about your mother, but I might get in trouble, so, well, I think you know Wink I know it's hard but try your best to tune her out Sad

YOU are perfect!!! SHE'S the one with the problems!!! Sad

Please keep us posted on your Dad..I'll keep him in my prayers and have fun at lunch today!! Smile Drink lots of coffee LOL Wink


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