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04/06/2011 01:43 PM

Songs to drive to

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I see a lot of us have issues with driving and panic. Wish I was alone on this one! One of the things that always helps me is listening to songs. And it's almost like every bout of anxiety, I have ONE song I need to listen to over and over again in the car to keep moving and maintaining panic at bay. Does anyone else do this? Would you guys like to share songs that have helped you keep it together (or as together as possible)? Here's some of mine, if anyone is interested. And I'd love to hear other people's choices:

1. I can see clearly now by Jimmy Cliff

2. Many rivers to cross by Jimmy Cliff

3. You can get it if you really want by Jimmy Cliff

3. Give me love by George Harrison

4. Here comes the sun by The Beatles

5. What is life by George Harrison

6. My sweet lord by George Harrison

7. Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield

8. Blessing in the storm by Kirk Franklin

9. Unwell by Matchbox 20

10.Crazy by Gnarls Barkley


04/06/2011 02:17 PM
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Well, I'd like to say that listening to a certain song or something helps my panic while driving, but it really doesn't. Good song choices though!! I find talking on the phone with my husband (safe person) is the only thing that gets me through more easily Smile

I do like to listen to Joss Stone (Free Me) and Paul McCarntey (Live and Let Die) when I want inspiration Smile

04/06/2011 03:03 PM
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Wow, I am out of it because I like cranking the ac/dc, aerosmith style music Wink

04/06/2011 04:35 PM
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Whatever gets you going and to your destination. Anything goes!

04/06/2011 04:51 PM

Oh I made lots of CD's with all my favorites and Free Bird by lynard skynrd is the best and then Santa(anything Santa)

Since I grew up during the 70's you can imagine the stuff I have......Beatles to ozzie ozborne!! But it sure helps as I also sing to everything LOL

Makes people laugh when they see me singing my brains out driving down the road and red lights I do no hold back one bit and just keep belting it out!!!


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