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08/23/2008 09:22 PM

Disability and Agoraphobia

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I have been diagnosed with Agoraphobia. I have been unable to work for a long long time. Has anyone ever heard of someone being diagnosed with Agoraphobia getting disability? If so, How do you go about it?

11/14/2008 06:10 AM
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I am very much in the same boat as you however i do have a job all 3 hours a week everywhere I turn I am labeled with the term disabled. I'm not sure where you are from but here I get all the help I need it is just hard asking for it and getting to offices to prove my condition. I am at university and they really helped me and pointed me in the right direction but im sure that benifit angencies and places like that can help too

11/14/2008 06:31 AM


I am Agoraphobic and am on disability because of it. There is no way that I can hold down a job because of the Agoraphobia and the panic/anxiety attacks it creates. You will need to have lots of documentation, mostly provided by your pdoc and therapist if you have them. Each of mine wrote letters stating that I was unable to work because of this illness. Once you apply to Social Security, they will have you do a bunch of paperwork (you can start the application process online). You will have to sign releases so that SS can gain information regarding your illness from your providers. The one piece of advice I will give you is to make sure you keep copies of everything you do - print out the application once you have completed it, copy anything you give them, etc. Just so that you have it for your own records. You can start the process at this site:

Because of my anxiety was so high, my husband was actually able to go to the office to meet with the case manager on my behalf. I also spoke with her on the phone. Do you have someone that would be able to help you? Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

11/14/2008 06:45 AM
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Hi chelle38,

I have been on disability since 2001. Although my disability was actually granted due to my Bipolar issues, I have had agoraphobia throughout these years also. I just couldn't do the work anymore. I had this weird thing that I did..on Friday evenings I would actually count down the hours until Monday morning. 20 hours I can still stay at home, 14 hours, etc. Strange, huh?? That's is just how anxious I was about knowing I had to go back out on Monday. I finally filed and didn't have any problem. I agree with Wen, keep lots of copies. Good luck to you!

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11/14/2008 07:32 AM

Hi chelle38 and Mel,

I'm also Bipolar, so that doesn't help things any. I think one of the reasons my disability went through and within a couple of months is that I had already been hospitalized twice by the time I applied for it. My pdoc was the one who actually suggested that I apply for it.

11/14/2008 08:05 AM
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Don't want to copycat, but we have a lot of similarities. I was also told to apply after a hospitilization. Last time I was inpatient was in June due to a manic episode and trying to get my med's regulated..UUUGGGHH! I hate having to go inpatient but sometimes it is necessary to feel better.

Not trying to go off topic too much here, but does anyone else get very anxious when you are at home alone? Even though I don't want to get out, I get apprehensive when I am alone also. Just threw that in because I am flying solo this morning.


11/14/2008 08:54 AM


My last hospitalization was last spring when I became suicidal again. My meds needed to be adjusted and I was in the hospital for 8 or 9 days (don't remember for sure). I too hate being inpatient, but I knew I needed to be there - that was my 3rd hospitalization and hopefully my last.

11/26/2008 11:52 AM
sobePosts: 48

I am on medical Unemployment insurance right now, it lasts another 4 weeks and then I have to get back to work somehow. I am in Canada.

Hubby and I discussed if there is such a thing as permanent disability, don't know if there is or not. I don't even know where to start looking for that.

All I know is that the prospect of having to go back into the work force and getting through each working day is enough to bring me to tears.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. We can't get by on hubby's salary alone .

11/26/2008 01:10 PM
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Sobe -- Maybe a different job would help? I know sometimes the fear stems from negative experiences at places, maybe you could try a different workplace and see if maybe you can handle that?

If you've already tried that I guess your best bet would be to kidnap your caseworker and discuss the possibility of permanent disability.

Here's a site with some information that might be interesting if you haven't had the chance to look it over: ta=90

11/26/2008 03:49 PM


I am really glad to see you posting here. Mandie gave you a good site to go to for that questionnaire. I have also found another site that gives you some information regarding disability benefits in Canada. I hope it's helpful to you -

Let us know if you need anything else and keep posting and we will see what else we can help you with. Good luck.


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