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12/01/2009 08:43 AM

Been a few days...


...since I've posted, but still around. I fear that I'm reverting back to my agoraphobic ways as I not getting out as much as I was. I just so afraid of everything again. Since the fire, it's been difficult for me, to say the least. But I'm trying to not go backwards to much, I've made a lot of progress and don't want that to go away. So keeping on trying is the way to go isn't it?



12/01/2009 08:57 AM
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Hey Wen!

The fact that you are reaching out is a step in the right direction. I have a tendancy to withdraw into myself. In person, I don't talk much and I doubt that I would look any of you directly in the eye (thus, the picture! I am practicing).

You are surviving, you are not hiding. You have been able to identify the 'setback' and face it. I try to redefine success by using all the lemons that life has given me and making it into lemonade. But I am not sure how to redefine success with a house being destroyed by fire? Maybe roast marshmallows? I am inspired by the strength that you have but are not able to see.


12/01/2009 09:12 AM
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Hey Wen,

We all have setbacks. I personally, am having a small one right now too. I think the best thing to do is just honor it and keep moving forward. It is so easy to tell ourselves a scary story about the world. The fact is, we are safe and all of the fear is just catastrophic thinking. This too shall pass. Try not to give it too much of your precious energy and see it for what it really is. You are capable of handling anything!


12/01/2009 09:16 AM
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You HAVE come a long way and that cannot be erased. Instead of being afraid and dwelling on your feelings just make little plans to get out on a regular basis. Do NOT beat yourself up, that only creates guilt which stands in the way of recovery. Be good and patient with yourself. One step at a time. You are doing fine, no regrets!


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