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09/12/2011 10:04 PM

Spains Got Talent Winner 75 year old Woman

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Posted on December 12, 2009 by Sage

“It's crazy, life has just turned upside down. We're absolutely over the moon. I never really expected it,” she said when interviewed by CNN. “Since then we've been recognized everywhere. I was in the doctor's and people were coming up to me, and at the supermarket and even when I went to fill up with petrol. It's absolutely wonderful.” That is from Paddy Jones. Who is Paddy Jones? And why is the web abuzz with Paddy Jones? She is 75 years old and is the newest sensation on the internet and YouTube after her acrobatic display of salsa that won for her and her partner Nico the Spanish equivalent of Britain's Got Talent. She was amazing

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09/13/2011 03:53 AM
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Omg that makes me wanna go take dancing lessons I have always loved music and dancing. She was amazing!!!!!!Smile Smile

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