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04/29/2012 06:58 AM

Newbies: Please Read Before Posting

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- For other members of the group to help you with actual technical information it is essential that you provide enough details of your status and condition. AI is NOT SIMPLE. There are many sub variants, many possible symptom permutations and even different country's names for problems and tests. Of course we are all aware of privacy concerns, so you'll have to temper your desires in that area against the wanted accuracy of the response.

- We need to know what country you are in and preferably what state or city area. There maybe someone in the same town that knows the entire local endocrinology doctor system, so will be a lot more help than someone on the other side of the world.

- If you have a diagnosis please tell us. You'll need to differentiate between the type of practitioner that made it too. ie natural, chiro, mainstream or whatever.

- We also need to know what drugs you currently take, amounts and schedule. The history of same is sometimes also helpful. In many cases dietary modification info is also helpful. (eg are you vegan of GF?)

- If you have tests please post them. That includes the reference range and the units used. Remember we are talking worldwide here and these vary considerably. It's also super important to say when the tests where done (how long ago and time of day), even how you felt at the time (stressed, sick, non symptomatic or whatever) Keep in mind that in range tests (ie normal) do not always indicate good health, but it is a huge ask for you to post everything you have. Actual HPA hormones and anything else in the endocrine system is helpful though, along with blood sugar/glucose, Na and K.

- What are your symptoms? Seems obvious, but us guessing only makes it worse. Keep in mind that not all symptoms will be present in all people. They also vary considerably between sub variants.


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