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08/18/2011 10:07 PM

Food Allergies and Adrenal Malfunction

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Well ok, it looks like I caused some of my own problems recently by "cheating" to have dairy and wheat. And I had the adrenal test before I knew I was allergic to wheat. Also the wheat was raising my cortisol levels quicker than smoking a cigarette would I can guess. Because I felt like I had "bugs" crawling all over. Just like a stinging sensation throught the body. But I thought just part of withdrawal symptoms. So I would bet avoiding my allergic foods and the licorice or some other short term remedy will do wonders in no time!

If you eat foods you are allergic to, then you can eventually wear down your adrenal glads. I had no idea. I wonder how many people have this problem and don't even realize?

Here is a link on this subject: sensitivities-and-adrenal-fatigue/


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