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02/18/2010 02:25 PM

Good News

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My son has been on Strattera for 6 weeks now....they said it would take that long to get in his system good before it would start working...... now that it has....its going great! Hes a little hyper but hes back to being my sweet lil boy! The past couple of years its been really rough! With him being really rude or way to quiet all the meds were messing with him BUT now hes doing good! Cool

02/19/2010 06:08 AM
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i am so glad to hear that he is doing well.I am so glad that they had found something that works for him and that will make everyones life, a lot easier...

Please keep me up to date when you can...


02/20/2010 02:49 PM
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Yay! I'm so glad he's doing so much better! Enjoy!


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