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01/21/2012 11:26 AM

Newbie with medication question


Hello all,

Let me introduce myself. I am a GL in the Fibromyalsia Challenges group and I have a question about Adderall. I have had Fibro for almost 14 yrs. My energy level has recently hit bottom and my doctor is working to get it back up so I can function. He is trying other meds at this point but if I do not improve by the end of Feb he would like to try Adderall. I thought this would be a good place to come to find out the good and bad of the medication. I do know the basics about what the drug is. I would like to hear some of your experiences. I know that you don't know me so you don't have to go in to that much detail. Just would not like to agree to a new addictive med completely blind. By the way I am a 53 year old woman with no addiction background.

Please PM me if you would like. Thanks for you help.



01/22/2012 02:40 PM
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Adderall is a strong drug, even though it is not technically speed, it acts like it, and it is easy to abuse. The effects are fast and powerful. This is a great med for ADHD and for fatigue etc. If you have no history of drug abuse or addiction, this might be a good remedy. Just be careful of it's strong up and down mood influence.

GOod luck!!

01/22/2012 03:06 PM
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I am not sure about your ailment, however for my ADD is did help me a bit with is not a form of speed if you do in fact neurologically need this drug.

I would do research on it for your medical condition because if you don't medically need it for attention, it can be a form of speed.

Good luck;

01/23/2012 10:17 AM

He would be giving me the medication to help increase my energy level. I have hypotyhroid (which causes low energy) plus Fibromaylasia, which I have dealt with for over 13 years and lately has taken all my energy. Also, fibro cause a lack of concentration called Fibro fog. Thank you for your responses. I posted her because I knew it was also usded to treat your conditions. Hugs!

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02/07/2012 07:35 AM
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I think that it would help, but if I were you, and this is just my opinion, I would ask for dexedrine er capsules. It is smoother, to me anyway and I feel that it would help you out. It is also an amphetamine, but it is just dextroamphetamine to where adderall is amphetamine salts and several other types of amphetamine. Like I said, this is just my opinion.

02/08/2012 07:20 AM
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I would listen to Jenny and try the dexedrine first I have fibro and adhd and I have to take adderall to work but sometimes it makes my pain worse because I push myself to much. If the dexedrine is smoother you might not tense up and hurt your muscles like i do on adderall. But yes , try something it is worth it. I work full time and have 2 kids, husband, 2 dogs and one cat to take care of. And I couldn't lift my head in the mornings if it weren't for adderall.

02/14/2012 01:17 AM
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I was diagnosed with ADHD in the fifth grade. They first prescribed me riddilen and it made me focused yes, but at the same time I was to focused and it made my hyperactivity worse. Also depending on how your body reacts the medication you could lose your appetite and not eat. Also an ADHD medication is a Methylphenidate and that is something to be very cautious about.... these are one of those types of meds that can be very addicting and I was addicted at one point. A methylphenidate makes you very focused and you would probably like the feeling because it makes people feel better and that's where the addiction comes from so dont take anymore than what you prescribed. But the Medication isn't all bad actually it can be a really good thing you see after i got over my addiction and started using my meds correctly i felt even better than I was when I was abusing them. (NOTE: riddilen is the worst of them all-it can make you really sick) also abusing meds can backfire i noticed that i was a more angry, depressed person. But I suggest try it I'm sure you can handle it and it's not as bad as it seems and like the comment before me it is worth it to try it. Believe me i got through a lot of my problems while being on it without abusing it...

Good Luck,

and don't be afraid to try something new

02/23/2012 04:53 AM
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Both of my children have ADHD. My daughter was diagnoised at age 5, and my son age 7. They both started off on Ritalin 5 mg. Then 10 mg.The transformation was instant.It helped both of them. Staight A students,making friends and having fun. (They are adopted so there are other heath issues at hand too). As time went on, both were put on Concerta ER 54 mg. They did great on them and once the final preice of Bi-polar was diagnoised , even better behaviors were incredible! There really is more that influenced a lot of the problems, but ai will try to stay on task with this particular post. My sons anger got so out of control, that he had to be hospitilzed on and off for 2 years. They switched his meds to short acting Adderal, and added Lithium along with Risperdole to help control his fits of rages. It is a great combination for him. His sister was given Adderal and she was allergic to it.To date she is on the same meds. My son tried to go back on Ritalin and he was really angry. The doctor was always great with them and they both get counseling along with meds. They are succedding in life and we still deal with issues. Hope this helps.

02/29/2012 04:46 PM
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I was wondering if you noticed any side effects from the use of Ritalin or Adderal? I think my sister is afraid to put her son on medication, she is a nurse...Sad Sad

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