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10/17/2008 06:48 AM

HELP!! Child kicked out of school yesterday!

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My name is Michelle and I have posted to this group about my child having not only ADHD but just newly diagnosed with a form of pervassive developmental delay--nos. Well she doesn't have a true form of it, her doctors gave her this diagnosis because we needed something to get her special ed in school. She kinda falls in several categories none pointing to anything specific. Like sensory integration disorder, the PDD-nos, aspergers. The doctor said she was very torn as to what to do. Even her tests scores show various differences.

Anyhow, we were in the process of asking the school to help us get special ed for us and we hired an advocate to help us. We announced about the advocate this past monday and my daughter was out sick tues, wed and went back to school yesterday. Well I get a call from the principal and she said to me, I just can't deal with you child anymore, she is disruptive etc...and therefore Im kicking her out of my school--this is a public funded charter school who gets govt funding. She says to me, I just don't have time to deal with her or this meeting you want and she don't qualify for special ed. My child is absolutely heartbroken because her best friend went with her to this school. Mind you my child is only 9 but emotionally she is 6. Now when we signed her up for this school we hid nothing, we told them she was very emotional and had the adhd, we didn't know about the other till this past week. Plus the school said if you just put her on medication, which never worked in the past--perhaps we can work with her. I did, we put her on ritalin and again she freaked out, hyperventalation and weepy and on and on!!! But then I also find out that the school put my child in direct danger when they disaplined her. The so called classrooms are portable buildings or mobile home looking things. Anyhow they would put her outside the door in the elements without supervision. Now, someone could have taken my child, not acceptable. When questions about it, they said well we have no where to put her, but they have an office across the parking lot where there is a receptionist. So my advocate is calling not only the superintendant, because they didn't go thru the process of suspention or a board meeting etc...just a phone call yesterday and said don't come back! So we are calling in the TEA and other stuff. I live in houston, tx and stuggling with what to do. Right now Im home from work and can't do it for long because I have to work. I have no family who can watch her or anything. I can't afford to lose my job either! Anyone got any ideas???? Please say a prayer for me that I can get this school and these teachers in big big trouble. Im so sick of the school system shunning out the special needs kids, when if they would just help them, then maybe we could see success in them!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!!!



10/17/2008 02:06 PM
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Hello Michelle, My name is maryanne and I am the group leader for the ADHD group. I haven't had time to look into your profile yet but I did get a chance to read what you had had writen. I understand that your daughter has gotten kicked out of school? What state do you live in. I would like you to go read my profile and it will tell you alot about who I really am. I can help you with the school district or lead you to where you need to go. I also understand that she has alot of disabilites??? And that you have her on Ritlin please try her on something else. Ritlin as cocaine and herroine in it. Please see if they can give her something else....

Please keep me informed and har progress please. Need and more help pm me anytime..

10/17/2008 06:02 PM
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Thanks for your support! I live in houston, tx. My child went to a charter school who gets public and govt funding. Now, this school has no school nurse, no counselor but on their website claims to have one. My child is 9 years old and was kicked out of school. Now she was diagnosed with adhd last year and just this past friday was newly diagnosed with PDD-nos. The doc gave us this diagnosis only because we needed something to get her into special ed. The public school she came from refused her!!! Said she was too smart, yet disrupted the class and cried and got upset--also got death threats and kids literally beating her up and prinicipal did nothing. That is why we pulled her out and puther in the charter school because they said they had all this stuff they could help her with. I also took her off ritalin because it was making her weepy and she is already a emotional kid, very very feeling of everything. Anyhow the doc gave us this dx because she really doesn't fit here, but she doesn't fit anywhere else either. She has one symptom that goes with aspergers, one with sensory integration a few with the pdd and maybe some ODD. But the doc looked at her test scores and said, well she has trouble reasoning. her peers are 85% and she is in the1%. I have been fighting the school for years. My child is literally a 6 year old in a 9 year old body. Now we did report the school to the TEA and we will be getting a caseworker for that. And we did hire an advocate last week because after we got the dx I decided I was gonna need help in getting her special ed. So I notified the school this past monday and then tuesday the principal calls and said I just can't deal with her she is whinning about her stomach hurting. I don't have anywhere to put her etc...So I go get her and when I pull up in the parking lot there she is standing--no adult supervision at all. Then I asked my child how much this happens and she said, oh everyday mom. When I get into trouble she puts me outside the door--in the elements because these classrooms are portable buildings. Now when she does this there is no adult supervision either--and the parking lot is right next to the door. Now this is exposing my child to predators! Not cool!! So I have also called cps on them and was told today I have a case. But when she called me yesterday on my cell phone, she says to me. I had your friend pick brie up early because I was tired of dealing with her--now she was out 2 days for being sick. I said why didn't you call me?? She says well I know you work and didn't want to disturb you. That is my child and that woman had my work numbers and her daddys numbers as well. No excuse!!! I never got a call from her. And so she tells me that she just can't deal with ehr anymore and is dismissing her. I have a feeling this partly stemmed from me hiring an advocate and requesting a meeting with all the teachers. I gave them this letter on monday--this past monday. And 3 days later they kick her out! Im devistated and I need all thehelp I can get. I can't home school her because I have to work 2 days a week. Idon't have family to help me either. Im extremely protective of her because she has no fear of people! No daycare can take her either. Im kinda at my wits end. I know the advocate is helping but if you have any advice or resources I can use, please let me know. Also as for other adhd meds, we tried them all and they all made her weepy and cry and just plain weird. She is a much happier kid off them. I think she needs lots of therapy and we are starting it. Butit is going to take lots of time and I have the time, I just need the schools to love her and do what is right for her!!! Thanks!!!! By the way, cute baby picture!!! So please help if you can!!!

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