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09/25/2008 11:26 PM

Hi, My lil girl was diagnosed with ADD(page 2)

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Yes Sad, see it is a long story, she is not my biological daughter, she came from my heart, her birth mom is into drugs and never wanted anything to do with her, I helped my ex raise her from 3 mos. til now 9 yrs. old, then my ex, her daddy, got a new girlfriend about a year and a half ago and they didnt let me see her for a whole year, except when I was volunteering at her school once a week. So, finally it is getting better, they are letting me see her a little more and my ex's gf told me she was diagnosed with ADD, but my ex doesnt want her on any meds., it is affect her home life with my ex's gf's kids and school, its like they get mad at her for how she acts, but dont want to anything about it, I dont know what to do, legally, I cant do anything Sad, but I can pray for her and prat my ex does something to help her.

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