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09/30/2008 10:23 AM

Is anybody out there?

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I realize I should be glad there are so few of us with this nasty disease but I do feel badly that I have asked many questions re: certain issues about Addison's and have received no response whatsoever. I have tried to be responsive to other people's concerns and issues - perhaps I'm doing something wrong and not finding the responses (I'm definitely not a computer guru Smile. In any case, I send my support to all of you dealing with Addison's. It is not easy. But things could be so much worse. Take care everyone. Bye. Kristin

11/21/2008 07:33 AM
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Hi krissy! I am new to this and so I just found this. I am 45 and have what I think is Primary Addison's. No one has really told me. I was in the hospital for over a month I was so ill and this is the first time I had gone to that particular hospital and I am so blessed that they finally figured it out. I had been to even the mighty Mayo Clinic and they didn't test me for Addison's. I know it is hard and I have so many questions too. I ended up having to have emergency gastric bypass surgery because my stomach stopped digesting and they think it was all due to the Addison's. Keep in touch, I will be praying for you.

11/27/2008 03:02 AM
bob3bob3Posts: 4213
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A quick note..

I asked my endo a number of hard and serious questions about the disease.. He went to the trouble of printing off for me the latest techniques in treatment (ie a medical journal) This was to prove that there was a lot of detail not known about it...

And my boss (who is a DVM) says, "yes a lot of medicine is like that..."

So sharing your experiences and opinions are a good thing.. We may even teach the medical fraternity something! Don't be afraid to put forward ideas, discuss things and learn. Find out your personal indicators for too much or too little of the replacement drug(s).

I take 3-4 sheets of paper with me every time I visit a doctor... (For my notes, questions and observations. You have to teach the doctors too...)

Cheers Bob


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