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04/21/2012 03:23 PM

new to group/ new diagnosed

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Just found out in the last year I have Addison's. At first I was really upset to find out this is a lifelong disease, but as time wears on i'm getting used to it. (i think) The biggest problem i have is the weight loss, went from 150lbs. to my present weight of 79lbs. no matter what i do or eat, i can't gain any weight. we own a resturant and all my customer's laugh cuz i'm so thin. (don't trust a skinny cook, haha) anyway i'm glad other people have the same problem and there is somewhere to go to have comfort. thanks Ermm

05/16/2012 08:04 PM
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I had the same problem at one time, but once my meds were straightened out and I started feeling better, I started gaining weight. Not sure if that's good news or not, but now I tend to need to lose a few pounds. Menapause doesn't help matters, either!

Welcome. Please feel free to check out the hypocortisolism board as well.



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