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07/22/2008 10:46 AM

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Hi, I know that suboxone didn't work for you and that is unfortunate. For people that are on very high levels of narcotics it isn't appropriate for them to detox without using some form of medication to help with the withdrawls. I think it is much better for them to get off of illegal drugs and be monitored on an approved drug than to be getting it off the street. If they need it to help them then more power to them.

I also think that treatment counseling, therapy, and meetings are imortant to recovery and should be used along with medication. Addiction is very complex and has many different aspects to consider when seeking treatment.

I'm glad you were able to do it alone. For some that works, for others it doesn't. Do what works for you!!!!

have a wonderful day everyone. Smile


07/22/2008 11:58 AM
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I was on a very larg amount of narcotics i was taking anywhere from 5-6 oxys a day and some days was taking 7-8 percocet with it i did detox and was under a very good doctor that perscribed me suboxon and was on it for three years and it nearly destroyed my life just as bad as the drugs off the street in some ways worse. suboxon is also being sold on the street now because it is addictive and i know that my doc who was giving it to me stopped giving it to his patients because they found out after the fact that it is just as addictive as any narcotics on the street or perscribed and it is being abused very much so I just went and seen my doc today and he agreed that maethodone and suboxon are not good for anyone it treatment because the rate of people that are on it go back out and use again and he is a very respected doctor in the medical field. Friens Ann

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