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05/28/2012 02:56 PM

In need of help with my pain pill addiction :"(

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I am a 32 yr old woman mother of 3 great kids and I am addicted to pain pills I need help n I have no one that will understand n help me without judging me or critizing me. What do I do to stop ? Where can I go? I feel so lost n I hate feeling this way help.....

05/29/2012 11:43 AM
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I know what it's like. To like taking pain pills but hate it at the same time. That's what I dealt with after I kicked my meth addiction...the pills for a little while.

You should know, that the doctor that is prescribing them to you will understand you without criticizing or judging. He/she will be able to help you come off of the pills in a SAFE way. It can be dangerous to just stop on your own. I am assuming that you are taking opiates of some sort.

For me, I just made up my mind one day...and continued to watch my husband use for a few more years...But some people find a 12-step program works well for them. I didn't join NA until my husband needed support in quitting.

And if you are feeling like your family won't understand...I get that. Most non-addicts, have "hang-ups" that prevent them from having any empathy. They automatically assume that once you've admitted to them your problem...that you expect them to carry you through life, and pay your way, when all you really need are some cheerleaders in your corner.

Try talking to them...but at the very least, see a doctor first.

I hope all is well, and (((BIG hugs))) to you.

06/12/2012 10:16 AM
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I have had severe pain all of my life. I have been on every pain med out there that is the legal ones. I finally made up my mind to go off of them and it has not been easy but it is doable. I cut down little by little but I bought this stuff called withdrawl-ease which is all natural. It does help. I have been off vicidon for 63 days today. I feel better and have a clearer head. It is hard but this does help. Hang in there and find just anyone to listen. That has seemed to help me alot.

06/12/2012 01:41 PM
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Congrats on the 63 days!!!!! It sounds like you are doing a great job. We are here if you need a listening ear or a friend.


06/14/2012 03:27 AM
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congradulation! that is so great, are you planning to go to therapy or councelling, you need to find out why you became addicted, the core of your problem and deal with it, otherwise you may relapse one day in the future. Take it one day at a time, baby steps....

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