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05/19/2012 11:43 AM

Dual Diagnosis and refusing medications

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I was in rehab and they tryed pushing me to take psych meds. I told them psychiatrys pill MADE me into an addict. There is nothing wrong with me that I would need to spend the rest of my life sick with side effects from that "finding the right medications" scam. No one in rehab talks about feeling better from being dependent on psych drugs only complaints of side effects and the never ending search for "the right meds" year after year.

Why do they push so hard to put every one on psych meds ???

Psychiatric disorders are not medical diseases. There are no lab tests, brain scans, X-rays or chemical imbalance tests that can verify any mental disorder is a physical condition. This is not to say that people do not get depressed, or that people don't experience emotional or mental duress, but psychiatry must have just repackaged these emotions and behaviors as a "disease" in order to sell psychiatric drugs. This is a brilliant marketing campaign, but it is not science in my book.

I told them this is how I felt and they realy pushed me, I don't get it. I got upset and asked "can I get a chemical imbalance test ??" so I can get the right meds the first time... I have done this before... I quit ... no thanks... They dont work on me...

This treatment center can't be the only one doing this and no Im not naming the place. I am looking to talk with others who may be or have been in the same boat situation as me.


05/20/2012 01:06 PM
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hello, I am Kris and I have mental illnesses and am an addict. It is not a disease it is an illness. They do do blood tests to see my level of serotonin. my anxiety disorders if not treated become medical issues. From migraines to stomach aches that will only go away if I take my anxiety med and the stress level goes down.

I understand how you feel,I was terrified to go on psych meds,but I am here to tell you that my meds work ,and I am happy and not craving to use drugs for self medicating anymore. My life is full of healthy activities and I am fully functioning in society again. I have Bipolar 1 and Ptsd ,anxiety disorders,panic attack,post acute stress syndrom,borderline personality disorder,and DAD. Wow that is a mouthful huh? I run 3 support groups here in my town where I live,a week. and I run 3 online here at MDJ. I volunteer ,I go to NA and OA. I go to church. I have friends and a family that is back in my life again. If I was not on my meds I would use again . My mood swings and my mania is very bad when I am not on meds. I would stay up so long until I would just collapse in the street. my thoughts would be going so fast in my head I couldn't keep up and neither could anyone else.

My addiction is a disease,my head problems are illnesses and disorders.

You do what want but I look at it this way,my life wasn't working when I was using drugs and without any meds,so I wanted to make a change in my life,I needed help. Something was not right. So I gave the meds a try and if I didn't feel better on them I could always quit and go back to my life before. But I had everything to gain if they worked.

I went to any lengths before to get high now I will go to any lengths to stay sober and clean.


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05/21/2012 10:51 AM
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i agree with you lyndaabc, i go to VA and feel they want me medicated until i die so i will be less problem to them, they waited until i have gotten older to even help. i have lived through life without any meds for long time, i have a addicted personality , i get addicted to everything i do. i found looking for cause and not covering it up with meds has helped and went from 10 pills to 3, i think even taking diabetes pills is a scam, and cause lots of side effects. with bipolar, i consider it a label and ptsd and anxiety and list gets bigger, as i am getting addicted to every illness i read about. to sell psychiatric drugs. This is a brilliant marketing campaign for sure, prices keep going up as the brain is involved , and people do not feel good. what causes this, must be the self.

05/27/2012 10:09 AM
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I went through a time where I thought the same thing as you. The problem: psychosis. Voices, halucinations and delusions that made me hurt myself and the ones around me. It landed me in the hospital for 8 days. Most of that time I was in isolation. They were trying to protect me from my self.

Needing meds for me is not an option it's a requirement. People get hurt if I don't take my meds. My chemical imbalance is a very real problem. They are not trying to scam me they are trying to keep me safe.

I can understand how you might think this. There is a lot of money making scams but there are some people that HAVE to have those meds.

If you have a problem and can't see it then you'll be having problems for time to come. If you have a problem, even if you can't see it, that problem could make your life more miserable.

If you have trouble believing this facility's assessment then get another opinion. Before you make a what could be, an irrational decision make absolutely sure you are truly ok. What have you got to lose?



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