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02/06/2012 02:23 AM

Need help choosing a treatment center

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Hello everyone. I'm new here and found this site by accident. I need help soon.I'm ready to go for inpatient rehab for stimulant dependency. I have major depression and panic disorders. (They came way before the stimulants-I'm self medicating the depression,.I think. I don't want a 12 step based program. I've spent five years at that but after years of sobriety, I still ended up in the hospital and having ECT because of the severity of thre depression. Can anyone suggest places to go for rehab? Or places to avoid? There are so many to choose between; I don't even know where to stay. I'll travel to any state. I want yreatment for addiction as a symptom of the deeper problem(s)- physiological and emotional dysfunction. Chemical imbalance and unresolved issues driving my 35 years of addictions to substances and destructive behaviors. I have insurance but the amount they'll pay is limited. I'm glad I found you.

02/07/2012 04:51 PM
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You need a Dual Diagnosis treatment center or rehab. I am dual diagnosed also. I have a mental illness and am an addict in recovery for 3 yrs and 8mths. I don't have any names to give you of places to go ,I apologize for this. The place I went to is in Galveston and it was for women who had no money or insurance. I know Dr. Phil and the show intervention takes people to a couple of places located in Texas around Dallas and another in San Antonio. So there must be good ones there.

I am glad you found us also here at MDJunction. I wish I could have been more help. I*f I find out anything else I will let you know.

I am so happy you have decided to get help. You have made such a smart choice!!!!!

Remember we are here for you. There is hope. I was a crack addict for 11 yrs. I am clean now!!! You are not alone!!



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