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04/19/2011 11:15 AM


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Hello. I am a recovering drug addict,I am so glad to have found this place where there are so many others like myself and I'd like to thank you allin advance for your help,guidance,and bravery.

I used to take any pain pill I could get my hands on,especially oxycontin. I then moved on to the Methadone clinic for help.Ya right what a joke!Methadone was the worst addition I had!Well I weaned myself down to 7mg of methadone a day and then decided to try Suboxone. I currently take at or around 4mg a day, NEVER more than that! I am to the point where I would like to come off the suboxone but I know I will mentally still think about the high but i've come to terms with the fact that, that is one thing that will NEVER go away!

Im looking for any advice anyone can give me about coming off the suboxone like how sick will I be. Im afraid to tell my doc b/c if for some reason I have a hard time coming totally off I also dont want him to take them away completely until im 100% sure im ready. I wanna do it at my pace, not his I guess.

I have alot of anxiety now that im not high all the time,lots of fears about my health now as well. Who knows maybe I am crazy but i've come to far to give up! I just wish I could forgive myself...Any help would be greatly appreciated Sad


04/20/2011 10:32 AM
Lj1478Posts: 10

Why is it necessary to come off suboxone? I haven't heard any ramifications of long term use. I believe doctors arejust being trained to make this a short term drug when, in fact, if the addict sees this as a lifetime maintenance drug like insulin or bp or cholesterol drug, the anxiet and fear of the 'wean off' day can be removed!

I do not fear my son on suboxone for LIFE. I would welcome it!!!!!! Why not. So many long time abstinent opiate addicts have said thy are on long time suboxone. Perfect!

04/21/2011 12:21 PM
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i cant get soboxone my area but i can get any other pill on streat an as long as im short term weening down it just prolongs usage.still dependent on pills get through the day.if u want get drug free start living diff life than do so.this is what iv chose

04/27/2011 06:36 AM
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i am on suboxone. have been for 2 years. getting off sub is no where near as hard as it is for methadone. i hate methadone, and i never suggest it to anyone. people should watch this movie: explains the whole methadone thing pretty well.

you are only on 4mg of suboxone. thats not shouldnt have a really tough time. you got off methadone. if you can do that, you can do anything. i would tell your doctor and do a supervised taper. or some people [that really know what theyre doing] will do it by themselves. i dont suggest that, but youre on a pretty low dose of suboxone. i dont think it will be too hard to do, its just the mental part of it you have to work on more.

05/02/2011 08:01 AM

firstof all are you realdy mentally to get off suboxines? if not what is the rush ..It takes you seeing a therapist to understand your addictions& to your Dr & see if you can go doen to 2mg ..& see if thats good ... let him be in charge ......we arnot Doctors on here we just give our opinions .....taper down to 2 mg ..& see but talk to your dr first .. you have come a long way ..congrats ..My son has been on them for 3 weeks & is doing great ... any advice you have ..please share....

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