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03/27/2012 07:38 PM

Recurring AML

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Hi, I'm Karen. I am about to have my 37th birthday. I was diagnosed with AML on August 4, 2011 when I was 30 weeks pregnant. My medical team decided that the best thing to do was begin chemo with baby still on board. On August 16, I developed an infection in my intestine, went septic, and lost our son. I went into remission after the first round of chemo, and had a BMT on November 15. The transplant and aftermath went well, but on Day +100, I learned that the leukemia had returned, in the form of a skin nodule on my back. They took me off immunosupressants, and scheduled a PET scan for a week later. By the time I had the scan, the nodule had disappeared and no more cancer was to be found. However, my doc tells me that since it came back so soon after transplant, my chances of it coming back again are higher. He is trying to decide what course of action to take to head it off, because he believes that if it comes back a third time, it may not be treatable. I'm thinking I probably ought to get busy getting my affairs in order. Anyone have experience with recurring AML followed by long-term remission?

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