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08/16/2009 12:33 PM

actinomycosis(page 2)

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I felt the same way too, at times. But the fact is you don't just die. You just continue to suffer.

I tried contacting attorneys who advertised working on a contingency basis. What they don't tell you is you still have to come up with the court and other fees upfront which amounts to thousands of dollars. What patient who trusted in the U.S. medical system and was made disabled and destitute is going to have that kind of money to pay for justice? Let's face it. If you examine how convoluted health care law is, you'll realize a license to practice medicine is a license to kill. Attorneys are no better than doctors. Everyone's looking for a fast buck. They only want accident victims, or class action suits of people who have been harmed by drugs the FDA recalls.

Now that sounds pretty cynical. Well you have to know where you are before you can figure out how to get where you're going. Once I realized and accepted how corrupt things really were, I embarked on a plan that put my energy toward doing things that might help me get well -- finding doctors who would listen and prescribe treatments I found through research to be effective. Also reaching out to others for help in finding these doctors and over the counter remedies and supplements that worked for them.

My plan is a work in progress and it includes you and all the other members of the actinomycosis support group here. You all provide facts and insights, recommendations and spiritual support for dealing with an illness that the unknowledgeable dismiss as a figment of the imagination.


08/17/2009 06:53 AM
KissmebabyPosts: 198

I think I have Meningitis. That Tick in April gave me Q-Fever and now I have all the sypmtoms. I HATE IT!!!!!! Do you think I should try Emergency this morning. My husband will die if I want to go to Emergency again.

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