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02/06/2008 07:37 PM

17 yr. old daughter

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My 17 yr. old daughter has acne on her face, shoulders and upper arms, back, etc. She has had this for too long, tried many things, but nothing has helped.

It is affecting her deeply --psychologically, emotionally, etc... I need to do SOMETHING! She told me that she has enough credits to graduate from H.S. early, but she would like to stay in school ONLY IF the acne gets cured!!! Please advise. Thanks!


12/18/2008 07:27 AM
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You need to get her into a good support group of girls and boys her age. This will help to boost her self esteem and allow her to have others her age to discuss things with. I've suffered from acne since I was 13 and I know what she's going through. It wasn't that long ago that I was her age and dealing with the same thing. I withdrew from everything at school at about the same age, due to the same reasons. I buried myself in work and getting things done just to graduate so I could spend more of my time with people who didn't see me for just my skin condition. These are all things that she would need to talk to her support group about. Consider finding one for her and selling her on the benefits of it. Maybe that will help her become more confident because she'll find others like her that won't judge her for her outer appearance. Hope this helps! Also, try finding a good dermatologist in your area...they'll be able to prescribe other things than soaps and over the counter creams.

12/19/2008 08:46 AM
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Thank you, Lacy, for your advice.

My daughter finished high school early, graduated, and is taking college classes online. She had been to a dermotologist for years but has been suffering since last Spring because those drugs damaged her gut function -- that is why she's taking classes online now-- too sick to get out much. I had introduced her to natural healthcare years ago but she wouldn't listen until recent months when she is desperate and finally willing to take probiotics and other supplements and changing her diet as needed to get her health back. She's anxious and depressed, and afraid this illness will cause her to lose her friends. She needs their support. She has cut me out of her life, especially since her dad (abuser) divorced me 5 years ago. Sad


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