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03/03/2010 02:17 PM

Hi everyone

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Help!! Is it common to have blood-related fears more than two years after a traumatic accident that involved major blood loss? On Monday I started a new job that involves processing blood samples. I felt like I couldn't breathe and my anxiety went through the roof! Everytime I handled tubes of blood I felt tears coming to my eyes that I couldn't control and I panicked. I'm scared that I'll have to quit my job! Does anyone have any advice?

BTW the accident involved an abusive ex boyfriend... if that helps at all. It has been two years now and I am still in physical therapy.

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03/03/2010 04:15 PM
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Hi Becca,

Thank you for asking the question.

Your reaction is very normal and is very typical of PTSD. Of course you will have triggers in your life that will bring the memories back. You have one advantage, you know what brings the trigger points on.

There are many people who do not know why a trigger is there because it happened at such a young age.

I know it is a fearful thing and the events of accidents and our past will come back at times of stress.

Talking about it is the first best thing to do. Get it out in the open where you can look at it and take the power or the event away.

I have a link for you to consider to help cope with the anxiety.

I use this myself and it is a totally free to all. There is many google video on EFT as well. IT may look silly at first, but please give it a try in the privacy of your home.

I have found it to be so helpful to myself.

Please feel free to just vent your fears and concerns here. I am listening.

Hugs Melinda

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03/05/2010 04:30 AM
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Becca,I hope the idea about the EAP is of value to you. I figure if they see that you are fully aware that you need and want help, they will work with you. Keep me informed please.

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