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05/05/2012 01:54 PM

A bit of a rant....

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I have been dealing with Misophonia since about the age of 8 when my brothers sniffling first started really annoying me. Now the worst of it is gum chewing-- I cannot be in the same room as someone who is chewing gum. It just seems so barbaric and disgusting to me why anyone would want to chew gum, and it literally takes everything in me to not punch the person chewing gum around me.

The hardest thing about dealing with misophonia is the fact that we expect everyone around us to accommodate (unreasonably) and they expect us to just get over it. My family always does things that they know drive me crazy, and get mad at me when I ask them to stop saying that they should not have to accommodate me all the time. But what i think non-sufferers don't realize is we spend our entire lives accommodating everyone around us. They have no idea what it is like for simple every day sounds to cause physical pain for us. I don't eat dinner with my family anymore, and I cannot wait TV around them, and most of the time it is a struggle to be in a car for more than a few minutes with them. I don't understand how they can't see that I mold my entire life around avoiding triggers, so i'm sorry if one time I want to be the one who is comfortable in my own living room simply by asking my sister not to eat chips.

Misophonia sufferers are some of the strongest people out there. We deal with more physical and emotional pain on a daily basis than most people deal with in a year. I'm sorry for the rant but I really needed to say this to a community of people who actually understand where I am coming from


05/10/2012 06:10 AM
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i know exactly what you mean.

damn, it's so damn annoying. it really hurts and noone cares.

they wouldn't like it if we dragged our nails down a chalkboard.

the worst is when they're eating a giant sack of peanuts and taking about 5 minutes just to eat one single peanut, opening their mouths and making that squelching sound, with every single sqlch cruhuhnch and hahrcchchc i literrally have to override a very very very (understatement of the century) strong impulse to stab them in the eye with a rusty spoon


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