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  "to support people who suffer from these illnesses, diagnoses and traumas" (079)

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Kelti"MDJ has been a saving grace for me. It has taken from me that feeling of being so alone in the management of my Bipolar Disorder. I am not alone any more!! The friends on MDJ that I have made have kept me going. I am more at peace with myself now, thanks to all the people here on MDJ. I thank God for each one of them. MDJunction is the place of Hope." (Kelti)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Fibromyalgia, together.
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"excellent article Joys :) Thank you!"
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in FMS General & Support - 21 minutes ago
":) Sorry, I don't get overly angry much.. but when I do.. whew!..."
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in FMS General & Support - 27 minutes ago
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"Lockman, I say take I have a biological father that..."
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"Jubal Early "Firefly" - "They make psychiatrists..."
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in FMS General & Support - 8 hours ago
"Lyrica works for me, however I only work 4 hours a day and our..."
by LockMan
in FMS General & Support - 9 hours ago
"I am so glad for you and for answered prayers."
by rwslove

in FMS General & Support - 11 hours ago
"Heck yeah im gettin used to effexor added to my meds. I went to..."
by meghanmarieb

in FMS General & Support - 14 hours ago
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a great website!
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