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  "Support those who are Dual Diagnosed like me. " (SHgirl4328)
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Latest Fibro Challenges Diaries
AZgirl77  "I never thought when I was 34 years old that I would start having unexplainable pains in my back, feet, and legs that would leave me wondering what in the world was going on, so I went to the doctor t..."
prescottsmith "Do not know if this is redundant, and I am just rewriting what I just wrote - definitely need some help with technology.  Looking for any help regarding treatment experiences with the Gerson Inst..."
prescottsmith "Do not know if the few sentences I just wrote showed up, but labs continue to show further overall inflammation, pain continues to get worse, additional 'treatment' is indicated.  I have ..."
tumbler15  "Hi guys, im Monique. I am 16 years old and have had fibro since I was 11, although I only got diagnosed with it when I was 15 (up until then it was still a lot of poking and prodding and random drugs!..."
Fibrochick  "My head is pounding.  Coffee made.  Cat fed.  A few rollers in hair.  Don't think I have energy to finish getting ready for work, let alone sitting at a computer doing data ent..."
FIBROMOMINFL  "Almost flare up? I know. Crazy right? I am aching after 6 months of very little pain. I am thinking I am at an almost flare up but a flare up, nonetheless. It is crazy. I went gluten free for awhile t..."
rkygrl4life  "so i have been getting treatment for my hand and it is doing much better. i still have to wear a brace and kenesio tape but all is going well for me. i have less than 30 days until i graduate and im s..."
Fibrochick  "Just saw a video on YouTube about a woman with a serious health condition.  She inspired me.  Since journaling is one of my goals to help improve my life, I decided here would be my best cha..."
agentdoublek  "I've been struggling these last couple of weeks. Suicide passes through my mind often, things have come to light that have greatly upset me, and things have just been so incredibly hard. But somet..."
Zahc  "    "
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