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  "My nephew Anthony 4 years old is CHD miracle:)" (starfish1975)
A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Dystonia, together.
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Latest Dystonia Diaries
KwistTwist "Who are the gatekeepers of my diagnosis? Who are gurus? Is there a list of the names, ages and symptoms of each and every person inflicted with a dystonia-like illness somewhere? Who's to say that..."
Beautycom  "I'v been in three big relationships in my hole life that I thought would last but ended the same way, the guy was to much into himself and didn't care about me and my feelings.  In"
Beautycom  "Okay for the longest time I thought that it was strange medications didn't work and made things worst off for me. I resonantly have been going to a counselor who I asked if"
Dena01 "So, I had a gretat weekend. I was able to enjoy my daughter's play and time with my family for my birthday.  What a great gift.  48 hours of manageable pain. SO thankful. So here"
Dena01 "I know I won't writ in this everyday but at least there is an outlet.  I am not a pitying person. I keep moving..quoting the lyrics of my favorite song "May the past be the sound of your"
Dena01 "Woke up stiff.  Pain was mostly bothersome but manageable.  Dr. finally said "I'm sorry, Dena.  I wish I could tell you somethng different but it is Cervical Dystonia."&nb..."
Beautycom  "Okay here it is I'm doing so much better scene I was taken off my medications, I'm not twitching and curling up as much and I'm not as moody as I was on the medication"
Mariann  "Lately i have been having several weird vertigo/hallicinations issues. It can be so bad it makes me sick and I throw up!!! The trees have this telescoping effect, the room spins and if i close my eyes"
Beautycom  "My memory is flawed "
Beautycom  "I'm trying not to lose my mind, my doctors say I need off my medication because my rare movement disorder is being affected. I have known for many years that I need to not be on so much medic..."
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