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Joy75"MDJunction to me is a second home. I visit daily to support and get supported. Everyone is so great here. The people are what make this site so
perfect. When someone says I helped them, I feel so good about myself. When
I am down, I come here to talk with my lovely friends. This is a great site
and I've come to love it and my friends here. Thank you for making such a
wonderful place to call home!
" (Joy75)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Dysfunctional Families, together.
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Dysfunctional Families Current Discussion (Page 3)
"Hi Hadeion, Its so hard to live with emotional abuse by a parent, its just as bad as physical abuse in..."
"Just realizing that about your Mom and how it will effect you is a "Good thing" It will be hard..."
"hadeion, Its very difficult living with a Mother who has bi-polar, they are really ill with this disorder...."
":-) "
"You are not alone, my family is very similar and I feel bad when I see happy, close families and am asked..."
"Hi Cin...It doesn't seem fit to even call this a relationship anymore, she just knows how to get to your..."
"Hi Ava, I was in a codependent relationship with my family for years. I have finally been able to do..."
"Your welcome Chloe..I hope you understand now..Peace to you always..Patty"
"Desertrain, Hope you are doing well...Thinking of you, Patty"
"Hi Spiffy - your in-laws sound a lot like mine! My sister in law is difficult to get along with. She and..."
"Hi Julie..Your problems with your illness are very much a burden on you, you need to do as Second girl..."
"Thank you Rach and Clap. Seems like the 31st was just like yesterday for me. But day by gets..."
"Jann...I know you just need to learn to say NO, because your daughter is about my age. She should be..."
"I will pray you take care of your personal problems in a way to better your circumstances in your life...."
"Rach...I know somehow you will get the help you need. Time helps and patience too...Much love, patty"
"Dogcolr--I had your same questions about lots of people...I would see things and say something and then..."
":laugh: :laugh: Feel like laughing today!! This one makes me laugh...:laugh: :laugh: edited by:..."
"Hi...I lost my brother to a heroin overdose , I was 16 and he was 23 when he died. He was my big brother I..."
"and its not just like they dont clean. They dont replace or fix anything. They are obsessed with saving..."
"Hi Guest7845...I wonder how Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) can help with PTSD, anxiety..."
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