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  "For the 4 babies that I lost." (Laughableme)
A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Domestic Violence, together.
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Latest Domestic Violence Diaries
MissStacy  "Well, after my many excuses for my ex's bad behavior I finally took a stand.  Went to the court house and had him escorted out. I had enough of his degrading me, cheating, physical assaults.&..."
Laora1955  "Thank you for reminding me if my youth, remembering the first time I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan show. I was immediately a fan. The Beatles music shaped my generation. I know all the words to all t..."
Laora1955  "After three dismal, dreary, cold and rainy days, one would think I'd be thankful for an unseasonably warm and sunny day. NOT! Could not force myself to walk out either the front or back door into ..."
Laora1955  "It is a daily struggle for me. Life and living is a challenge. I help other people, yet I find it difficult to help myself. I will not leave my children before it's time. I love them so very much...."
Laora1955  "At this point in my life, I have finally come face to face with the realization that ... there has to be more for me. Ten long years and it would seem that I have finally come to the conclusion .... T..."
angelmary  "Well, I visited my primary care physician.  He had so much to say, and not so good some of it.  I must be on a dairy free diet for the next 3 months.  I also must refrain from eating eg..."
Purpleangelp  "I love I have a diary here that I can write in and only people on m.j can see. I feel so lonely. I don't have anyone that I can talk to. The way I want to talk. I just want to let it all out. I..."
triumfant1 "Anybody out there I need help! Please..... I need some help to run... to escape.... I'm desperate .... the body cannot survive without the spirit and my spirit is dying.... Please I need someone t..."
kaori  "I feel like I just want to drink until I can't remember who I am anymore.  Until I feel less than the nothing I feel right now.  Until the world becomes blurry, and nothing matters anymo..."
kaori  "I feel like I'm running on borrowed time.  Running out of answers, running out of ideas, running out of patience.  Just always running from myself and so many other things.   I..."
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