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animalhero"Md junction was a Godsend in my life! In such a short amount of time, I learned so much from other people who also have Lyme's. Having the support from others who really understand what I'm going through is priceless. To me, Md Junction is just as important to my healing as everything else that I'm doing to get well." (animalhero)

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Dgwinvre I am 43 yrs old and recently diagnosed with crohns disease and diverticulosis. I am trying to learn everything I can to make this as hopeful as possible. Having an incurable disease has thrown me for a loop. I am fairly young and freaking out because of the things I know can occur with this disease. I have a husband who is diabetic and disabled and two dogs and two cats. My children are grown, but have my husband's surprise daughter possibly coming to live with us and she is almost 16. Wow too much happening in a short period of time. ...Read More

Pretty cruddy

Apr 30 2012

One of my major problems right now is just that my husband is mad because, i don't feel the greatest all of the time.  my spirits have been doing much better.  I am doing better most of the time, but when I feel bad, my husband tries to say I am sick all of the time.  That just pisses me off.  I am trying so hard to find out what I can and can't eat.  And then the joint pain starts and I feel terrible, I drag myself to work and when I get home, he wants to go somewhere or have me cook dinner, what the heck.  He is home all day, naps when he wants etc.  I am hoping one day he realizes I have no real control over the illness, I try to stay healthy and positive but he totally irks me.  Anyway off to work again I must go.  Wish me luck.  Only nice customers and fellow employees please. 

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written by JoJogirl, May 03, 2012
Know how ya feel lady! Men suck sometimes. It's a wonder why they don't realize that they are the biggest babies in the world when they are sick, but when their women are sick, we have to continue to run the house and everyone in it-no days off! We suck it up and complain when we can't hold it in anyome. You are so very strong and don't you take your man too personally right now, you're in a sensitive place at the moment, you love him and he loves you. The insensitivity with men is just jaw dropping sometimes!! My man likes to give me "no choice" but to go to his mother's for dinner when I am so ill! I let him deek out of my family functions as much as possible to lead as an example (and use it as ammo, if need be! lol!) You are allowed to be ill, it's not your fault!!!! Take care and to better days with the man!!!! xo
written by Dgwinvre, May 10, 2012
Thanks, that is very helpful. he has been a bit better now.

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