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Greytabby"MDJunction not only gives me a chance to be understood and receive genuine sympathy..
it allows me to give it few people truly comprehend chronic illness...but MDJ...allows you to meet and converse with people who do and who who care...i love MDJ.
" (Greytabby)

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Dgwinvre I am 43 yrs old and recently diagnosed with crohns disease and diverticulosis. I am trying to learn everything I can to make this as hopeful as possible. Having an incurable disease has thrown me for a loop. I am fairly young and freaking out because of the things I know can occur with this disease. I have a husband who is diabetic and disabled and two dogs and two cats. My children are grown, but have my husband's surprise daughter possibly coming to live with us and she is almost 16. Wow too much happening in a short period of time. ...Read More

Off to work again

Apr 26 2012
When this all first started I realized pretty quickly that salad(one of the things I love) Is probably out.  I ate a fruit cup and wanted to die from pain. It has been a few months and my hubby gotme applesauce which I can eat and fruit cups that I used to eat.  So this morning I tried to eat one.  I have been feeling much better so I figured I could handle it.  Not,  I had extreme pain and off to the bathroom I went.  I am still quite new to this having an incurable disease thing.  All the things in your life change to such an extreme.  I was a total foodie, dreamed of things to make and eat and now I get up in the morning and it takes me a good half hour to just figure out something to eat, that joy is gone.  Some days I could probably just not eat because I just don't want to.  But I know that, that would be bad, you need fuel.  I work in a hectic and physical place, so me not eating would not go over very well.  Do you ever get over that part of the funk?  So alas, no more salad and fruit cups.  

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written by lost4good, April 26, 2012
I don't eat salads anymore either. I stay away from sugary foods. I'm in a remission so I am a bit more adventurous with what I can eat, but the CD problems are always hanging in the back of my mind and when I crave something that had previously caused problems, I'm hesitant to induldge. No joy in eating anymore. Sometimes when I don't have an appetite, I eat anyway knowing I need to.

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