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  "Dual diagnosis. Multiple problems. No Thyroid, IBS, RLS, Reflux, Carcinoid Syndr..." (kittymama)

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carmen33"When I first came to MDJ, I was in a very dark place, and feeling quite alone, I don't know how I found this site, but I have been very grateful ever since, all of you have offered insight to the illness of Bipolar and the other things going on with me, being here has allowed me to find friends, and to feel safe in discussing things that I would never have shared before.

I believe it has also offered me the chance to reach out and help others. A simple Thank you, is all that I have to offer, to this site and to the wonderful people here.
" (carmen33)

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Will I ever be "fixed"?

Fixed? Really struggling with being bipolar and finding the right meds to help.

Mother's Day

May 14 2012

This year, Mother's Day was just another day that my kids tried to make me feel special. They are wonderful kids, very understanding, but kids. Of course, they fight, throw fits, disobey, and stillrun up to you at night and say "I Love you, Mom" which makes it all melt away from the day. However, it is also a day that I have to be reminded of my mom and her moods. Sending me a tex...

Step 2 - Understanding

May 11 2012
The last post was me feeling worthless, well that hasn't changed, but I am coming to terms with it slowly. My husband and I are the same, fighting over my moods, irritability, and finances. My kidsare healthy and happy so far, but spring sports are in full swing. I have let my husband read some of my diary just to give him the sense of what goes through my mind sometimes. I know he doesn't...

Thanks for making me feel worthless

Apr 26 2012
No matter what I do, which medications I try out, the more I talk, the more it makes me feel worthless. Havivng your husband become completely withdrawn from you doesn't help. I know he is "stressed" and cannot handle it anymore, but no matter how I try, it just isn't getting better. It has only been a couple days, but we have NEVER been like this before after the first day. It&#...

Struggling with being bipolar

Apr 26 2012
My husband has been faithful and somewhat understanding and patient all these years. Just recently finding out that there was a reason to why I was in my mood swings and spending sprees. After severalyears of being "depressed" they finally said it was "bipolar manic depression" and have been helping me with medications and therapy. My husband is at his breaking point at the mom...

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