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  "My son Will is high functioning autistic And Adhd. " (willnbill)

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cinderella"MDJunction to me is a life saver... when i first was diagnosed with Scheuermann's Disease i wrote a message to a page i found on google, hoping that they could help me.... you'd never know it but that weird feeling (you know that one where it feels like someone actually cares) came over me when i opened my email next day to find that someone on the other side of the world (at the American Medical Library)had read my message while i was sleeping, and there low and behold was the address to MDJunction.... well it is everything to me, i live it breathe it and love it!!!!! I have found many people who are struggling with similar issues banding together to help each other. It is the best place in the world, and i couldn't think of another place to go to meet so many lovely people....

thanks MDJunction
" (cinderella)

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MissZoe I love listening to John Mayer to relax. He has songs for everyone of my moods. Who Says? I love that song... who says I can't be free? Who says I cant take time? Who says...
No one ever told me I couldn't do something. It's just me and my headache, putting limitations on me.
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Can and Can't

Nov 05 2011

They are things that everyone can do, and things everyone can't. Not everyone has the same lists for these. My list has most definitely changed since I've gotten this NDPH bull. The thing is, it's been three years now. The things I have added to my can list have way surpassed my can'ts.
-I can get through this.
-I can graduate high school with a all day everyday headache.
-I can work full time, have a boyfriend, friends, relationship with my family.
-I can take dissappointment after dissappointment. I can be let down   
  constantly and not let it phase me.
-I can still thrive.
-I can be bigger than this.

The thing is, even if we can't do as much as we used to be able to, what we have accomplished is pretty impressive. I don't just believe that about myself but about anyone that is dealing with what I am.
I know that we have not chosen the easy way out. I understand the depression that comes with this kind of thing, I understand how much better the other side looks. I was there. I am not anymore. I hope that depression doesn't steal any of your lives, it definitely had a grip on mine.

I've started making my passwords more positive things. If you find yourself typing "I am strong" or "I am awesome" over and over everyday, you start to believe it.

We are a strong group of people.

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written by Psalm55, November 05, 2011
I love the password idea! That's great!

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