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  "because im cmv +" (paolito)

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janquito"There really wasn't a place to join up with other people who have been given the Prurigo Nodularis diagnosis until Roy agreed to start one here at MDJ. It is great to be able to share with others what no one else understands. It is a place where one can find an 'at home' feeling." (janquito)

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May 04 2012

I had put a ad on rover.dom to be pet sitter when people are out of town, and I got my first call today.  I will be taking care of 2 chijuajua's and a fox terrier.  I amtrying to save up money for my daughter's school clothes in the fall.

I wish my twin brother would be more involved with my life.  He says he is but actions do not show it.  I miss my mom and grandmother every day.  I was especially close with my grandmother.

I know I have to be on my meds, but I nearly get angry everyday when I have to take so many pills.  It's not fair.  But, I've learned life isn't fair.

I always live in the fear that my depression will appear.  I don't know if I could go through such a rough time again.  I had not been diagosed properly so in 2006 what I thought was a severe case of clinical depression was really manic depression.  I had been real high the months previous but didn't know why.  I  just thought I was lucky.

This diary is so good for me.  Thank you MDJunction and my friends on this forum. I have never had friends or family that understood me or even cared.   



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