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  "On November 26th my girlfriend's sister, at age 25 and pregnant, had an AVM burs..." (mean05stang)

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fluffyluggage"I found MDJunction at a time when I was struggling with so much. I
was so sick. I found a home, a place where people understood me, when
even my family doubted me. In MDJ, I found a place of refuge, love,
and support. I come here daily, to find my balance, to cope, and to
find that same support I've found from day 1. MDJ is my new family.
The friends I've made here will remain with me for a lifetime.
" (fluffyluggage)

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Arod54 My diary will be about my journey with my husband down the road of Stage C cirrhosis. My husband has cirrhosis after 30 years of drinking probably evereyday. We have been married for 21 years and I know he probably drank at least 3 beers if not more everyday. Now he has stopped drinking but it is too late the damage is done and even though sometimes he has good days we deal with this illness everyday. He complains all the time about all his symptoms and there is nothing I can do to help him. I get so fustrated sometimes I could scream but that wouldn't do any good I still hav to deal with it. I am hoping that by putting it to the keyboard I will feel better. ...Read More

Another day

May 15 2009
Today the only joy I had was taking care of my two year old grandson. My husband has been sleeping on the coach since he left and I have been watching him. I am so bored out of my mine I wish I would have gone to dinner with my girlfriend but I didn't cause I didn't want to leave him alone. So here I sit watching him sleep. It has been an awfully rainy day  and that may be why he feels so lousy but he is just so crabby when he is not feeling well. God help this is getting harder by the day.

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