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  "For my beloved mother who lost to Alzheimer's Nov 11 2009" (Madbunny71)

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willow1878"MDJ to me is a place where nobody judges me, and everyone is on an equal footing. A place where help and comfort is only a few clicks away, and a place where I can help and get help" (willow1878)

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January 27

Jan 27 2012

Dear diary

Things have been difficult for months and my husband gets angrier everyday...I am trying to better my life and I am looking for a job now.I wish I could resolvemy relationship but I am so tense and my body is tired of the anger and the hurt.

I think I have reached my limit of what I can endure....I am trying to not focus my energy on him but it is hard not to.he is always here to make my life miserable....

I am looking for an open door and a way out of this mess...I am trying to stay positive,and strong.


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written by Schefflera, January 27, 2012
Hang in there Wanda... sometimes we have to make our own doors though :-)

Sending healing peaceful thoughts your way!

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