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eeyoreislife"Before I became a member of mdj, I was completely isolated. I was dealing with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain, agoraphobia, spousal abuse and a child with special needs. I only joined one group at first and was overwhelmed day one with the outpouring of support from members I now consider good friends. I eventually branched out to other support groups I felt would help me. That is the second best part of mdj...that there is a support group for pretty much everything and if you can't find it you are welcome to start one! But the number one reason I love mdj has to be the members. No matter what group I am in, I am enveloped in a caring, understanding and non judgemental cyber hug from the members." (eeyoreislife)

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tabularasa sidelong glances at the voices in my head

prozac and memory?

Aug 09 2008

i don't know if it's a side effect of meds or stress or a combination of two or more of the above. all i know is that my brain is deteriorating. i can't remember things. i forget what i'm talking about - even in the middle of talking about it. sometimes i almost feel as if my neurons are struggling to crawl.

i grope for words and then end up saying the wrong things anyway. sometimes it's not really significant, like saying "mysterious girl" when i meant "mystery woman". sometimes it can be embarrassing though. like when i meant to thank a priest and tell him "we're grateful" i said "we're generous" instead. it was only after i closed the car door and he has gone that i realized i said the wrong thing.

i have to write everything down now. it's annoying, especially when i forget where i wrote it. and then i finally remember but can't recall where i put the piece of paper or notebook i wrote it in. 

i asked my doctor about it, and he said that although people react differently to meds, prozac (i'm taking 60mg daily) generally enhances memory. so i don't know. i just know it's irritating and disruptive. :(

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