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Dit"I've been a grateful member here for over 4 yrs this place has changed my life of course for the better, coming to the groups has enabled me to no longer feel so alone. As a group leader for the Bipolar Support group I can relate to others and am expressing my experience strength and hope and this is very rewarding, I've also made many supportive friends here whom I talk to some daily. I used to have a lot of 'lows' since becoming member here at MdJunction I no longer have these lows." (Dit)

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Nov 29 2010
Brodee jumped on my computer and 1/2 the screen is not visible so I am shipping it off to be fixed.  Luckily my accidental damage warranty is still in effect.  Ive been down lately, of course, I think most people with any type of mental disorder probably get down in some way or another around this time.  Thanksgiving was very hard for me.  I wasnt myself at all I really just sat there and everyone kept asking if i was ok.  Ive been staring off into space feeling so lost.  Having a hard time carrying on a conversation with anyone, i am stumbling over my words, confused.  My neighbor tried to commit suicide Sunday and he is in a hospital now.  Hes been having issues for a very long time and I tried so hard to help him and I guess I failed since he attempted.  I miss him a lot.  Weird how feelings like that can be contagious.  DONT KICK ME OUT. Im not gonna do anything but its just weird how when someone else feels a certain way it rubs off on you.   Well that is about all I have to say.  Hope my computer gets fixed in a timely mannor.  luv u guys

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written by Dit, November 29, 2010
Hi, this time of yr is hard for me too, the days are a lot shorter. Its too bad about your neighbor, hope all will work out for him. Im happy when i see you come online, nice to know you are still around here and still in contact with mdj...take care, hope won't take long for computer to get fixed, much hugs Dit

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