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  "I was diagnosed with PCOS 14 yrs ago when very little was known about it. My 17 ..." (Magicsoulfire)

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Robin34"MDJunction to me is about community and connection with people from all around the world, giving and receiving support, strength and comfort during the more challenging times in our lives, and sharing happiness and positivity during the joyful times in our lives. MDJunction to me is about building amazing friendships through compassion and empathy, being a lighthouse for each other when we find ourselves in the dark. Oya Gazioglu" (Robin34)

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May 13 2011
I finally came clean with a couple friends at work about my illness.  See they were jokingly making fun of bipolar and people on crazy meds.  I know they meant no harm but I felt the need tofinally come out and tell them.  I asked them not to treat me any different and that the jokes and stuff are okay but just helped them understand that with out the meds I would not be alive.  They were totally cool about it!  I was prepared for them to disown me and tell me im nuts but they werent!!!  I worried so much about it but everything turned out great and I feel so much better. 

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