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  "I had a cousin who had a brain tumor and i have asthma" (Honeybear2011)

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libit"I was alone and desperate with my disease when I found MDJunction. Finding so many great people that understood my illness and could relate the same feelings to me was a life saver. I now have many new friends here that help me out of my bad days and for that I am very THANKFUL!" (libit)

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May 13 2011
I finally came clean with a couple friends at work about my illness.  See they were jokingly making fun of bipolar and people on crazy meds.  I know they meant no harm but I felt the need tofinally come out and tell them.  I asked them not to treat me any different and that the jokes and stuff are okay but just helped them understand that with out the meds I would not be alive.  They were totally cool about it!  I was prepared for them to disown me and tell me im nuts but they werent!!!  I worried so much about it but everything turned out great and I feel so much better. 

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